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Mao Zedong on National Security

8 August 2010

The following is a quote from People's Republic China's Founding Father Mao Zedong:

Do you know why I think that to split farmland between households would generate grave consequences? China is a huge agriculture country, and if we change the collective ownership in the vast rural area, the foundation of our industry would crumble - who are we selling the industry products to? If that happens, the public ownership of our industry will not be able to sustain. A division between rich and poor can occur in a very short time span. From the day one when the imperialists came into being, it has set its sight on the big market in China and tried to swallow it. Today they've gained even bigger advantages over us in all fronts, and if they attack China with the help of their collaborators and agents inside the country, how is the Communist Party supposed to protect the interest of Chinese people, the interest of factory workers and the interest of peasants? How are we supposed to defend the local business and the national sovereignty? China is a big county, and a poor country. Do you really think the imperialists would allow China to resurrect? If so, how are they going to impose their hegemony in the world?! If one day we'll need to live under the mercy of a foreign power, our country will be thrown into chaos.


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What Chinese Say

About the descendants of some disgraced former leaders, who became recklessly rich by then thanks to their dear papas' deliberation, and become courageous warriors by now in Western multinationals' China business venture and probably beyond:

赵XX儿媳任巴黎银登陆先锋 她的任命被视为是外商银行重启中国版图争夺战的缩影。XX邦的孙女晋升为瑞士信贷集团中国投行业务联席主席. XX邦长子是全国X商X副主席.

空心菜 (

Their offspring have made the best footnotes to their wicked theories and policies. (X乱邦、赵资洋,其子女之行为生动地给他们的歪理邪说做了最好的注释。)

About a Chinese media in Guangdong that praises the disgraced former leader and keeps advocating unchecked free market economy:

不曾相识11 (

Southern media ... along with (America's) CNN have successfully pushed me, a right wing, to their opposite end. Comparing to what they've said and done, our government almost looks like an angle. (南方系 ... 伙同CNN等洗煤硬生生把俺一个右派恶心到了它们的对立面。跟丫比起来,TG的满身毛病简直就不是毛病。这种满嘴扑虱免煮的家伙本质上是极端自私的、反人类的,比恐怖分子还恐怖。)

About GM food in China:

打到莫哭 (

I cannot even find any GM-free cooking oil in supermarkets, and have no way to tell which ones are GM rice and vegetable and which are not. Those who force us to eat GMs should all go to hell! (商场里竟然买不到没有转基因的油,也不知道哪些大米 蔬菜是转基因的,灭9族的,天杀的。)

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