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Learning Chinese Idiom

8 August 2010

吃里扒外(chi lea pa why): Live off one person while secretly helping another.

A group of volunteers on training for Asian Games scheduled to be held in Guangzhou

(Source of photo to 新华社记者刘大伟)





姐左一: 他不是一个人在吃 ... 他不是一个人! 还有一个空中降,一个外卖家, 一个教父 ... 等等等等 ...



姐右一: 以为攀上黑老大了, 一个个牛X的。连基本的世界大趋势都看不明白,还侈谈狗P大国策呢。我看他们以后的结局只怕比茅房里吃屎的什么什么都不如。

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What Chinese Say

About a TV interview in which a Chinese diplomat urged China to swallow all insults, put up with any attacks and cover every losses for at least 100 years, so China won't scare other countries into thinking it might be in anyway threatening to anyone:

闲担心 (

Once I watched Wu talking on television and I remember he said we Chinese must grin and bear, especially when dealing with Americans, because it won't do us good if we confront them. No one wants to clash with Americans, but the problem is America keeps provoking us, and they just won't let us live in peace. They lay sieges around our borders and keep containing us whenever they see an opportunity.

飞鹰飞秃 (

A former ambassador to South Korea has already been found to be a South Korean spy.

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