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Tribute to Father of China's Modern Physics

8 August 2010

Qian Weichang (钱伟长), the father of China's modern physics, passed away in Shanghai on August 30 at age of 98. He was once wrongly branded as a right wing and sent to work at a steel factory.

The following are some of his famous quotes:

I’m not a Party member, but I identify with Party’s aspiration and like to work towards that goal. For the sake of a prosperous China, I wouldn't mind to be treated unfairly, I have no regrets. This is the spirit with which many great men in Chinese history accomplished monumental tasks for the nation. It is about placing the national interest ahead of your own. The past sages left a great number of teachings on this, such as Fan Zhongyan who wonderfully articulated that "I’m willing to be the first in the world to confront the peril and the last under the heaven to enjoy the life."


Some people say I don’t know how to advance my career, but keep trying my hands at different subjects. My answer is that my career objective is to serve my country. Whatever my country needs me to do, I’ll do it, because I know I can.


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At the end of July, over 2,000 villagers from Hongbei county, Hubei Province, brought watermelons and cooked eggs to the PLA soldiers when learned they were leaving the region after having saved the villages and farmlands from the recent flood by building a 6km long dyke.

Some comments on the news at


It's all because the PLA is an army established by Mao Zedong for the purpose of "serving the people"!


A few days without rain, we need to fight against drought; a few days with heavy rain, we need to fight against flood. Can you see how fragile our eco system has become now?

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