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Was Fang Attacked? (3)

1 September 2010


What are the nature of the marks highlighted by the red circles in the following two photos respectively?

Mark 1 Mark 2

- Omen with Damien the Anti Christ?

- Mosquito bites during an election tour?

- Skin rashes after eating a bowl of GM rice?

- Love bites from a twitter-wise wife?

- Gunshot wounds before an election day?

- Marks caused by hammer strike before a book launch event?


Mark 1: A gunshot wound on the tummy of former Taiwan 'president' Chen Shui-bian, inflicted by an known unknown source during his election tour - many like to believe it's the result of his self-staged show.

Mark 2: Marks caused by hammer strike on GM food promoter Shi-min Fang, inflicted by an unknown known source prior to his book launch event - many like not to believe it's not the result of his self-staged show.

The following are the comments from some of such guys pretending to be Sherlock Holmes who recklessly challenge Fang's version of the incident:

三张 (东方网):

I'm fascinated with the photo image that shows the cuts on Fang's body. (文字怎么表示这些天看多了,不稀罕,稀罕的是图片“方舟子受伤的腰”。)

I can see there are three marks, but if you want me to believe these are the wounds inflicted by a hammer, you would have to do more to convince me. The key factor is to determine which part of his body was hit first by the hammer. Can you tell that? I can't. If it was a hammer with wooden hammer, there would only be one spot to be hit; if it was a metal hammer, the two strike marks shouldn't be so close to each other. The only plausible possibility is that the alleged attacker armed with a mini-hammer. (三处受伤比较明显,但说这伤是铁锤扔出去后砸伤的,咋看也不像。因为哪处是第一着落点? 这很关键,但看不出来。如果锤子的把是木头的,不会出现两处出血点。那么就假设铁锤的把也是铁,但两处擦伤点太近,也就说这个铁锤是袖珍的。)

If the two cuts were indeed caused by the strike of a mini-metal hammer, then how do you explain the mysterious third wound on the top? (假设这两点受伤处就是用袖珍式小铁锤所伤,那么无论如何也解释不了第三处(最上面)受伤区域了。请注意的是,这铁锤扔出去后只受地球引力。一个小铁锤经过第一次与方的腰部相撞击后,是不能产生不了上方的第三处这样伤。)

As for the cut in the middle, it is the location that should be covered by a belt - know what I'm talking about? (两处较为均匀受伤点,也很难想象这是被铁锤抛射运动所致。再说中部受伤点应该是栓皮带的地方,不该是这样的受伤痕迹。)


Fang insists his attacker hurled the hammer at his waist and caused serious bleeding. (方舟子一直声称:一个歹徒正面向他喷洒“辣椒水”或“乙醚”,他跑了,另一个歹徒用铁锤向他扔来,第一次没有打着,第二次擦伤腰部导致流血。)

But according to what shows in the photo, the cuts can't be caused by anything falling on him from above. They were inflicted by a horizontal force. It seems to me Fang did bad job on faking his injuries than the former Taiwan 'president'. (我的看法:截屏图片上,伤口位于腰部中间,由左向右,横向扩展。但是,方舟子却说铁锤不是横摆打击,而是投掷过来。铁锤很重,根据万有引力定律,应该有抛物线,导致的伤口应该是从上到下,不可能是图像中的从中下位置向斜上右方扩展。很显然,这个伤口是方舟子自我设计的“穿帮”作品,比陈水扁肚皮上的伤口更虚假。)

[1] [2] [3] [4]

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Chen: You know I was also working for Washington, but those bastards refused to cover my ass ... I mean my tummy ...

Fang: Hope this time they will be kind enough to cover my tummy ... I mean my ass ....

Crime Fiction

王清任 :

你跟它讲法律,它跟你讲政治;你跟它讲政治,它跟你讲国情;你跟它讲国情,它跟你耍流氓; 你跟它耍流氓, 它跟你讲法律 - 找警察叔叔去了。


电视里出来, 根本没受什么伤。要是那也算歹徒, 也太业余了, 也太丢黑社会的脸。让我想起阿遍的抢伤。

目前道上的兄弟打架根本不会用铁锤, 至少是钢管或者甩棍。谁砸场子带个铁锤过去, 不被人笑死才怪。当拍武打片呢?还流星锤。


看来现在黑社会也要打假了。这样业余的身手也要混黑社会, 把道上的兄弟的脸都丢光了。以后怎么走向国际, 怎么和西西里的同行别苗头呀!

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