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Was Fang Attacked? (2)

30 August 2010


It's Fang's show of self-promotion - 自我炒作

(Just look at what the message posted by his so-called wife - full of bluff, sounded like a eulogy which should be read at his funeral; and the attack details are explained in such a way as if she was at the crime scene herself)


(A real wife under such circumstance would just report the incident briefly and tell everyone how much she is worried or upset and plea for help)

(Besides, Fang only suffered a minor injury. He still had his cell phone with him and he was near his home. Why was there a need for his wife to log into his twitter account to report the incident to the world?)

(In fact, the tone of the message doesn't really sound like from a woman, not even sound like from anyone else, but he himself.)




A Show - 自我炒作

(An American citizen's show)


A Trick - 苦肉计

(The Hammer Gate is so cracked, it must be manufactured by Fang himself)


A Thug - 科痞

(Science becomes his WMD to terrorise anyone and anything that he doesn't like; he's nothing but a science terrorist, a true thug.)

(To a thug, you should be tough. Good to see he met his match, if that incident was true)


The most likely scenario - 业内人士分析

(The whole drama is indeed quite mysterious!)

你说这在现代工业文明社会, 要治一个人, 可有多种工具可供选择, 被 -- 全套啊啥的再说北京是啥地方? 首善之区,天子脚下; 既然是偷袭,那选用的工具必然是小巧便携的, 一击必中的, 刀, 枪, 电棍和弹弓, 用啥都行, 犯得着先碰辣椒水, 再上大铜锤吗? 即使先喷辣椒水没造成伤害, 那也不用上大锤吧? 方同学那萎样, 用得着上铜锤麽?
(Beijing is a modern metropolitan and you can find almost any tools that you can think of. For a stealth attack, the weapon must be easily carried around, such as a knife, a pistol, an electrical rod or a rubber band bow - plenty to choose from. But they chose spray and hammer, is that odd?)

这次袭击行为啊! 据业内人士分析, 应该是两拨人马分批次所为:
(According to some experts in the field, the most likely scenario must be like this:)

这一波喷辣椒水, 应该是一个体力欠佳的女性所为, 该女性人士年龄大小方同学应该知道,致于这女生为什么没用高跟鞋而用辣椒水, 应该是和平时接受的防身训练有关;
(A young girl sprayed pepper water at Fang for self-defence)

这第二波抡大锤, 应该是个农民工, 你说别的人员, 要在北京城区找大锤, 恐怕还挺困难的, 再说天子脚下, 北京要啥没有, 比大锤好携带管用的家伙多了去, 用得着费时费力地去找大锤吗?一定是农民工干的;
(A peasant worker with a hammer stroke at Fang - who would carry a hammer around in Beijing? Peasant workers.)

至于这方同学为啥先被妇女同志喷辣椒水, 后被农民工持大锤追杀, 这个本人就不得而知了!
(As for why he was spread at by a girl and hit by a peasant worker with hammer, you may need to ask himself)

不过哈, 在北京市里买了东西付了钱, 一般来说是不会被追杀的!!!! 哈哈 ...
(Normally in Beijing no one would chase and beat you unless you fail to pay your bill at a shop!!! LOL)

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Time to Learn Chinese Idioms:

苦肉计 (cool road chi) - A trick to win confidence by self-inflicting bodily harm.

贼喊做贼 (train hung true train) - A thief shouts "Stop, Thief!"

自我炒作 (tzu wolf trio true) - Shameless self-promotion incident

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