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Was Fang Attacked? (1)

30 August 2010

Shi-min Fang was born in China's southern province Fujian and trained in biology in the United States, but never really worked in the profession. Later he returned to China living a life as freelance writer, carrying an air that he came from the upper end of the world to enlighten Chinese on true civilization. He loves to be reckoned as a man of reason but deep down he is a fanatic extremist with a religious fever in science, and in GM food especially, and in anything West, for which he keeps attacking traditional Chinese culture for being unscientific.

Naturally, he is not a popular figure and many suspect he was sent to China by some special organizations, such as big bio-chemical multinationals or even CIA with a mission to do inside job in their covert war against Chinese interest.

Then we heard a claim from him that on Sunday afternoon he was attacked by two strangers with pepper water spray and hammer on Beijing street near his home. He was not really injured, but said he was bleeding badly (from hammer strike!!!)

So far, he has won sympathy from mainstream media, but still many people in the community are skeptical, since his claim is not all convincing and his past record on his personal credibility is rather questionable. The following is one of such post appeared on


Fang's story is full of holes - 方舟子对“被袭”过程的自我描述漏洞百出


-- 既然明明已经“头晕脚软,几乎要倒下”,方舟子居然不仅能选择正确的逃命方向,而且还能跑得过早就以逸待劳、做好了袭击充分准备的歹徒?能想到用乙醚等的,大概也算高科技罪犯了,怎么用量会这么毫无作用?(He said after a man sprayed pepper water on him he felt light headed and almost passed out, but amazingly he could still run towards safety AND run much faster than the two assassins - can you believe that?)

-- 歹徒也是有病:既然能面对面喷辣椒水或者乙醚,既然已经决心使用重量级钝器,何不干脆一棒把方打晕?(Why on earth the assassins use spray? If they really want to kill him, they ought to just give him a hard strike on the head.)

-- 歹徒第一次既然扔出铁锤,就说明已经觉得自己追不上方了,那么铁锤落地后又怎会停下来捡起铁锤再扔一次?那时方应该早已跑出更远,再扔一次居然反而打中方的腰部??这铁锤显然不可能是那种很重的需要双手抡的,否则停下来把铁锤捡起来,傻瓜都知道扔不着前面飞跑的人。那么这铁锤莫非是小榔头一样的东西?有用这玩意儿设伏袭击人的么??(Have you ever heard an assassin using a hammer to do the job?)

-- 钝物隔衣服砸到人的腰部,怎么可能让人“破皮流血”甚至“流了一些血”呢?除非砸到的不是腰部而是肋骨什么的造成皮肤擦伤破损,但那也不大可能需要用“流了一些血”来形容啊?(Can a hammer hit your waist but cause no real injury yet make you bleeding?)

(At the first I thought it was pepper water, but later after a discussion with doctor, I believe it was diethyl ether.)

-- 生物化学的博士,经常在实验室闻这闻那,居然连辣椒水和乙醚都分不清?(How come someone with a PhD in bio-chemistry would not be able to tell the difference between pepper water and diethyl ether?)

-- 方既然已经“被人喷了东西”,而且有强烈反应,法医事后居然不能从方的身上检测出任何残留的物质么?(Since the chemical was already sprayed at him, how come doctor detected no trance of it and could only discuss about it?)


This is a trick - 分明上演了一出苦肉计

漏洞百出的小丑,分明上演了一出苦肉计,那“歹徒”实际上就是他找来的托!(Clearly it is a trick to win sympathy. Who knows, the attackers may be paid to do the job by himself. )


Fang's wife's reaction was extraordinary - 方舟子爱人得到消息后第一时间做了什么?


(What's Fang's wife's first reaction when learned the incident? She logged on twitter! A sane woman would rush to help her man)

(The sign of craft is everywhere. There is not a single evidence or witness to support his claim. Nothing whatsoever.)

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听说方舟子是练法科功的! 是美国派遣到中国的头号原教旨科学恐怖分子!


够肉麻的! 和"救美国就是救中国"有得一拼。 敢问你要保护谁家的文明?须知华夏文明可是美国公民方舟子的眼中钉目中刺啊。

Dog: I heard Fang is a fanatic member of Law of Science cult! And he is a science terrorist!

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