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Bribe Chinese Intellectuals
原美海军情报部官员: 收买中国文人十分容易

24 August 2010

The following is a post appeared on credited to 桥团无限1975, detailing an allegation voiced by - as it is so claimed - a former US navy intelligence officer on how CIA has recruited a number of influential Chinese intellectuals through bribery to help America's covered war against China.

A friend of mine once left me a message:

“Pay attention to two names – US National Endowment for Democracy and Taiwan Democracy Foundation – and think about how the funds are spent, you will understand why in these years some people and some media would tirelessly attack CCP, slam Chinese culture, while promote American-style democracy and glorify wars waged by America on Chinese television, in China cyberspace, on newspapers, magazines, films and books. You may like to know what Tom Joe, a former direct in US Navy Intelligence Centre and current direct at a research centre in Pennsylvania, once revealed:

The operation of buying off China’s influential writers began since 1970s, code named “boiling”, which is one of a series of "soft strike" operations commissioned by Washington. It’s pretty easy to bribe those people, with simple measures like helping them to get their articles to be published on a prestigious overseas magazine, either in their real name or using a pseudonym. The remuneration fees are extremely generous. In the early days it was $2,000 per thousand words, later it increased to $3,500. The payments are normally deposited into their nominated bank accounts through our registered companies in the mainland. During 79 – 88, for instance, at least 120 well-known Chinese writers became our collaborators through bribery, and these people did us a fantastic service during the Tiananmen Incident in 1989. The Chinese writers we've recruited are required to expose China’s dark side and to identify and attack China's weak points, which can also be used as a springboard to facilitate mass protest or open confrontation in China…”






[中国在79-88年之间,至少约有120名当时十分具有名气的中国国籍文人被我们以各种手段收买。这些人的主要作用就是在八九年从事针对中国的破坏行动。我们要求他们针对中国的弱点进行打击,重点在揭露中国的黑暗面。这也是帮助产生群体性事件的基础。目前这种做法依旧在五角大楼那里实施与执行!] …”

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仰望星 ... 条旗

A cunning old Chinese man in a pose of an innocent little girl contemplating the universal American truth:







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