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Chinese on China Reform

26 August 2010

孙锡良 (Zhongnan University professor):

Shenzhen must never be made into a special political zone. A duel political system will be even more harmful that duel economical system, which is a breeding ground for division and separation. Besides, Shenzhen has received special financial subsidies for a good 30 yeas, how much longer is it going to continuously live in luxury at other people's expense while our inland and western regions desperately need financial support from the government?

天山雪 (

Miracle? What miracle? Entire country has poured its resource into developing this tiny fishing village. If after 30 years hard work, Shenzhen still remains a fishing village, well, this would be a real miracle!

孙锡良 (

China’s development can only be achieved through hard work and by standing firmly on our own feet. Only when a reform is beneficial to the majority people in the nation, it is a reform worth taking.
中华民族的复兴 … 靠的是实干,靠的是自强自立,非理智的改革开放未必是民族幸事

工农红军万岁 (

The state enterprise reform has resulted a huge proportion of public assets to be transferred into the private pockets while a large number of ordinary workers lost their jobs. The society is now divided sharply between rich and poor, and the cost to maintain the social order sky rocked. Now we are having this cultural system reform, but in which direction? Why our book stores, tv screens and stages are full of stuffs with bad taste? It's because the reform is solely GDP-driven, and cares little about social responsibilities.
国企改革已经把企业大部治死, 当初承诺的改革是为搞活企业, 结果是都活到私人名下, 工人下岗失业. 贫富两极极度分化. 社会不稳定因素大量增加. 国家用于维稳的开支大幅上升, 且越维越乱. 文化体制改革能改到什么路上? 三俗是怎么出来的? 为什么会出现普遍三俗化

lljjg (

In terms of China’s social, political, economical and cultural setting, the first 30 years was articulated by Big Village (大寨), the spirit of self-reliance and collective endeavour, while the latter 30 years is represented by Little Hill (小岗), the mentality of selfishness and division.

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