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Borrow the East Wind

24 August 2010

Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮), a Daoist turned military consultant of Shu Kingdom (蜀国) in the Three Kingdoms era, was also the best meteorologist, the leading cosmologist and the great qigong master of the time. When Cao Cao, the Secretary of State for Wei Kingdom (魏国), the sole superpower around at the time, sent his mighty navy to attack Wu Kingdom in the excuse, presumably, that one of Wei's fishing boats along with dozens of fishermen were missing in the Yangtze River near the maritime territory of Wu, Zhuge Liang realised he must come up with some real life action rather than just standing there protesting, otherwise, once Wei was done with Wu, Shu could be the next in the line to face Cao Cao's murderous marines. So he left Chengdu, Shu's capital, for Wuhan, Wu's capital, and used his skills, knowledge and credit in Heaven to apply for the loan of east wind. His application was granted on the day of Male Wooden Mice (甲子日) and with which he successfully transformed the Yangtze River into a gigantic Chengdu style hot pot and turned Wei’s warships into dumplings.

Borrow the East Wind is a classic repertoire of Beijing Opera, originally played by Ma Lianliang (马连良), one of the Great Four Mature Male Characters (四大须生) in Beijing Opera history.


他航妈的! 等你在昨天,昨天你不来;等你在今天,今天你不来;接着等你到明天,英特那雄乃尔就一定要实现。

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Mao Zedong (PRC founding father):

We must not show cowardice in front of beasts. We should learn from Wu Song the Tiger Beater. In the eye of Wu Song, beasts are beasts; whether you upset them or not, they will not give up their attempt on your life. When a beast pounces on you, you either kill the beast or are killed by the beast. No other way round.


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