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Land of Magic - China's Wilderness (9)

31 July 2010

In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

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I'm not worried weather my position is high, but concerned if I'm doing things right.

A Local Sits on His Bike

This local youth with an ethnic Qiang background greeted us from his bike seat when we passed by his home on our way to Jiuzhaigou Valley.

I'm an action man.

A Local at Petrol Station

This local young man with an ethnic Qiang background grinned broadly when saw us approaching his petrol station.

I've learned that man is defined by his thoughts, his words and his actions, so my future is shaped by what I think, what I say and what I do. Then you tell me, how can I not be careful when I'm talking to you guys.

A Local at His Home

This local mid-aged man with an ethnic Qiang background invited us to visit his home.

The key to a harvest year is spring; the key to a fulfil day is morning; the key to a happy family is harmony; the key to a successful life is hard-working.

A Local by A Gate

This local woman with an ethnic Qiang background cheerfully chatted with us at the gate to a public building.

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