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Land of Magic - China's Wilderness (8)

27 July 2010

In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

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Good neighbors are better than distant relatives

A Village on the Way to Jiuzhaigou Valley

Wenchuan County in Tibetan and Qiang Self Autonomy Region was the centre of the deadly earthquake in 2008. This is a new village with terrace houses built by the government after the quake.

When it happens, nothing is more of a surprise to a person than old age.

A Grandpa in the Village

An elderly with an ethnic Qiang background sits on the fence in front of his new home.

Everyone desires to live long, but nobody wishes to grow old. However, old age though to the unenlightened is winter, to the enlightened it is harvest season.

It is not she who owns a lot, but she who is content with what she has, is rich.

A Grandma in Front of Her House

The couplet on the both sides of the front gate of this newly built dwelling read: 昔遇地震毁旧舍,今沐党恩进新家 - The quake destroyed our old residence, the Party built us a new house.

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