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Land of Magic (3) - China's Wilderness

24 July 2010

In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

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Why close a gate that leads to Nothingness? No need to clean a domain that is part of Pure Land.

The Jade Ponds (人间瑶池) next to the Yellow Dragon Temple (黄龙寺)

The scenic area Yellow Dragon is said to be named after the title of a Buddhist temple built by General Ma Zhaojin of Ming Dynasty (明兵马使马朝觐) 600 years ago. According to the local official chronicle, a legendary Daoist figure called Yellow Dragon True Man (黄龙真人) once cultivated on the site to secure a more advanced form of existence. Until this very day, on lunar June 15th each year when the True Man is reported to have ascended to the upper realm, the locals from all religious persuasions would congregate at the rear quarter of the temple complex to celebrate the occasion and to remind that certain individual now in the higher place not to forget his humble roots.

The spectacular landscape next to the temple is formed by limestone ponds, which seems to be created for the purpose of giving the terrestrial-bound beings a taste of what the celestial domain might look like. Just a guess.

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