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Land of Magic (17) - China's Wilderness

31 July 2010

In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

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一切净秽国土,皆我性中之物。 執之皆事,不執之皆道。
The myriads of manifestations that we encounter and that we experience are all inclusive in our natural selves. When we are attached to them, they are hardened into blockages on our path to enlightenment; if we let go of them, they’ll transcend into the passage leading us to attain wisdom and eternity.

The Lake Can Be So Transcendent

上不見天,下不見地,內不見我,外不見人, 则能渾天地萬物以為魂,渾天地萬物以為魄。凡造化所妙皆吾魂,凡造化所有皆吾魄,則無有一物可役我者。
Liberation is not bringing freedom to you but bringing freedom out of you; salvation is not putting you into paradise but revealing the paradise inside of you; enlightenment is not gaining new knowledge about the world but discarding false perception about yourself. When one day you see no heaven above no earth below, realise people are not outside of you and your soul is not inside of you, you will be truly everything in the universe and the entire universe is no other but you. You are the master of your world.

Express Way to Enlightenment #3:
灭幻证实相,如彼器中鍠。By observing without engagement how the thoughts in your mind emerge, shift and vanish to learn how to respond without attachment to life and beyond in order to attain a perfect realisation of your real self and true nature of the universe until you are able to transcend all realms freely like the sound of a bell that penetrates without obstruction to the world outside.


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