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Land of Magic - China's Wilderness (12)

31 July 2010

In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

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Confucius: Respect and take care of one's parents are the foundation of human ethics.

Tribute to Mother

An ethnic Tibetan singer pays his vocal tributes to his mother and all mothers in the world with Tibetan folk song "Dear Mother" on a concert held in Jiuzhaigou Valley. Nurturing next generation is a basic instinct of all lives, but looking after previous generations is a sign of human civilisation which sets human beings apart from animals.

孔子曰: 人皆可以尧舜。尧舜之道,孝悌而已。
Confucius: Everybody can become a saint if he regards to treat his parents with filial piety as an honour not a burden, and feel obliged and proud to help his siblings when needed.

Tribute to Mother Earth

An ethnic Qiang artist pays her audio tributes to Mother Earth with Qiang folk song "The Flowers". Mother Earth nurtures all life forms on the planet without discrimination, but only humans are capable of either doing colossal damage to the nature or effectively protecting the environment. A sustainable human civilisation cannot be accomplished through Darwin’s Jungle Law but can only be achieved through mutual respect and collaboration between people, and between people and nature.

红尘万丈时, 镜花水月中。
The material world looks so brilliant and awesome, like vivid water reflection of the moon and candid mirror image of a blossom.

Tribute to Mortal World

A group of young girls celebrate the mortal world with a pop song "Red in the High Plateau".

It is said that whoever controls the language and the images controls the game; but it shall also be noted that whoever sees through the illusory nature of the illustrious images and communicates without language can control the controllers. Oh yeah - bingo!

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