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Land of Magic
China's Wilderness (1)
In the Lens of Chinese Camera History Expert Youfang

23 July 2010

The state of my heart is mirrored in my environment,
The teaching of enlightenment is written all over the land.

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On 27 May, 2010, with my colleagues, I arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport. From here, we took a flight from the bustling metropolitan city Shanghai in the midst of hosting the World Expo to the remote and secluded wilderness in the inland province Sichuan.

昔张潮言: 能读无字之书,方可悟惊人妙句;能会难通之解,方可参最上禅机。

Soon I found I was lost in a highly transparent blue sky stretching into infinity with no tangible element to help me figure out my position in the world. It is said by a Chinese thinker of the past that he who can read a wordless book is a true master on literature; he who can draw an unequal equation is a real expert on math. So here I am, trying my best to comprehend coded message that may or may not be visible.

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