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Spain vs Dutch
German Psychic Octopus vs Chinese Future Man

10 July 2010

While a German psychic from, as everyone knows, ocean predicts a Spain victory in the World Cup 2010, a Chinese psychic from, that most people do not really believe, future announced a Dutch win.

On June 13, 4 minutes after noon, a short message was posted by an ID called X来自未来 (X from Future) on "2012 Bar" at

"I came from not so distant future. I know many people think I'm just kidding, so I would present some evidence to back up my words, which is not difficult. At the moment the World Cup has grabbed everyone's attention, so let me tell you who will be in the final. The final will be played between Dutch and Spain, and Dutch will beat Spain with 2:1. Sneijder and a player from the second team whose name you would not be able to guess by now will be the ones to score the goals ... I will be back to this forum after a month, and I hope by then you shall believe what I've said about future."

He also offered to email some photos and video clips of the World Cup Final 2010 if anyone might like to inform him the email address, but warned the materials from the future must be deleted afterwards or the consequence will not be pleasant.

Below is his message in original Chinese text:

"我来自不远的未来,我知道很多人只会把我的话当是个玩笑,我愿意先给大家一点事实的证据。我给出的的证据很简单,目前世界最关注的世界杯,决赛双方将是荷兰和西班牙,荷兰2:1战胜了西班牙,斯内德和另一个你们猜不出的替补球员进了球。希望我的这番话不要在世界杯决赛前传到南非,否则我担心球员心态受影响,从而改变了历史。一个月后我会回来,那时候希望你们愿意相信我的所有关于未来的话!" "希望了解未来情况的,可以试着把你的邮箱告诉我,我可以发一些荷兰世界杯夺冠的照片和视频资料,但是你必须要在看后清除,原因你们应该懂。"

Many regard him as nuts, but his post has already created a record by receiving more hits and replies than any online posts ever achieved in history, generating 20,000 hits per second.

Here is the link to the post:

So who will be the final winner of the World Cup 2010, Spain or Dutch? Who will claim victory in psychic field, the German from ocean or the Chinese from future?

We shall know the answer very soon. Shall we?

Update on July 12:

The Winner of the World Cup 2010 Is ... ... Octopus!

Finally on the Final octopus defeated man and ocean destroyed future.

光荣属于章鱼帝 - The glory belongs to the invincible Octopus!

But hang on. China's "Future Man" revealed the names of the two finalists on June 13, which was a month ago ... so hum ...arh-ha, man shall still have future, even it may not be 100 percent perfect ...

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(Source of photos: 大河网)

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