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What Chinese Say
About USA-SK Military Exercise

23 July 2010

中俄联手攻击 (

We've been too generous to the Americans by lending them over a thousand billion US dollars, which is why they are able to come to our doorsteps to provoke a full scope military confrontation.
(对美国人太好了, 才造成美军黄海多军兵种立体大军演, 借给美帝1万多亿美元, 美帝才有本钱和我中华民族进行全方位对抗。)

Hope we can now get on with the task of identifying the US collaborators in our key government organisations and purge them all.

土豹子 (

Can we just place more emphasis on developing our own approach to economic and social progress than spend so much time trying to fit into the system defined by the West? Why should we let others lead us by the nose all the way?

依枫 (

It is self-deceit by thinking we can persuade Americans to respect our interest, which is just like a sheep trying to negotiate with a tiger to appreciate its surviving right.

The U.S. likes to set enemies then demands other countries including China to take America's enemies as their own. On the other hand, China's enemies all become America's best friends. Uighur separatists are our enemies but Americans publicly support them; Tibetan separatists are our enemies but Americans treat them as honoured guests; Taiwan separatists are our enemies but Americans vow to protect them by force. That tells all. It is a time for us to wake up to the reality and reevaluate our relationship with that country. We must understand America is not our teacher but our antagonist.
(需要强调的是美国自己树立的敌人,竟然要求其他国家把它的敌人当敌人。反过来而我们的敌人却都成了美国人支持的朋友. 塔利班是美国的敌人,现在也是我们的“敌人”,基地组织是美国的敌人,现在也是我们的“敌人”。但是疆独分子是我们的敌人,而美国却要公开支持,成为它们的朋友;藏独分子是我们的敌人,但也成了美国政府公开支持的座上客;台独分子是中国的敌人,美国政府、军队却要大力保护、武力支持。这一系列的事实说明了什么,所以今后的我们,再也不能按照美国佬说什么就信什么,更不能再让他当中国人的“老师”了,中国人需要对美国进行重新评估、重新定位。)

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