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A Stepmother Comes to the Town

27 July 2010

July 25, 2010, South Koreans gather in front of the US Embassy in Seoul to protest against the joint military exercise that is viewed by many South Korean citizens as to purposely provoke military confrontation among the Koreans, and demand for the truth behind the Cheonan sinking incident.


Many South Koreans do not accept the conclusion of an investigation touted by the governments of U.S. and the south Korean, both are the prime suspects in the sinking of the warship.

Ever wonder who gives this woman from an alien state the right to tour other people's land like a true ruler? Look at her expression as though she is the stepmother of the Koreans.

- "Who is that kid? I don't like to see him here, understand?"

- "Yes, Ma'am, but the kids from the North don't recognise you as their stepmother, and that's the problem."

Indeed, on the other side of the screen, a North Korean border guard stares at the militant invasion aliens in disgust and probably thinks his brothers in the South in real pity: "Gosh, how low the South Koreans have to go?"

< A smug Mrs Clinton after caused the North Korean delegates to walkout on the talk with her highly offensive and insulting remarks.

The narrower the mind, the broader the tongue. A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing her own opinions.

Mrs Clinton to the South Koreans: We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for you the ungrateful! Blast!

You are never too old to learn something stupid.

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Chinese Classics

人为善 福虽为至 祸已远离
人为恶 祸虽为至 福已远离

When you say or do something kind to other person or nation, though the good fortune may yet to appear, the impending disasters have already been pushed away; when you say or do something nasty to other person and nation, though the disasters may yet to occur, the coming good fortune has already faded away.

What you give you get, ten times over.

Confucius The Great Learning:


The words she speaks going forth contrary to her claimed ethics will come back to catch up with her sooner or later; the wealth that is obtained by improper ways will take its departure by the same manner.

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