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Pirate of the Pacific

4 July 2010

US navy surveillance ship Impeccable was found to have gatecrashed Chinese marine territory in South China Sea on June 5, 2010. The incident was captured by China Maritime Surveillance camera from the border patrol helicopter.


Obama: Yes, we did! We're sending both WMD and GM to China! The obliteration of the threat to the living pattern of Australians and Americans is now double-insured.


Chinese Maritime Surveillance officers: The combatants on the US spy ship, lay down your weapons or we'll shoot!


Obama: Wanna shoot my ship? Go check what's in your kitchen, men! My people have already controlled your lifeline, the rice, and the future, the baby food - they've done a great inside job, inside your stomach. You have nnnnnnnnno idea! Humph!

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Parities of the Pacific left the harbour

The curse of the pearl in the dead man's chest at world's end?

Obama: I know Israel has 200 nukes

Chinese: While we understood America's position, there was a difference between restraint and wilful blindness to consistent problems with Israel's undeclared nuclear weapon capabilities.

We also want United Nations Security Council to produce a crystal clear acknowledgement that Israel engaged in belligerent behaviour that is unacceptable to the international community in attacking a humanitarian flotilla delivering aid to Palestinians, which led to the death of nine passengers.

By the way, Your Excellency's wilful ignorance of our earlier question regarding the second sunken ship near Cheonan in late March is extremely unacceptable to the truth-probing community.

Also, America's belligerent behaviour of sending a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to our front yard to challenge us with the nuke war is utterly unacceptable to any peace-loving community.

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