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Through the Camera Lens:
The Korean War (3)

3 July 2010

October 25 - November 5, 1950:
The First Phase of Counter Offensive

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Comparison of PVA and US Armies Weaponry and Equipments in Early Stage of the Korea War


Army Group
Howitzer 72 0
high-transconductance gun 76 333
Field gun 39 109
Rocket gun 543 81
Antiaircraft gun 64 0-24
Cannon 794 522-548
Tank 149 0
Armoured vehicle 35 0
Automobile 3,800 100

The PVA 13th Army Group launched the First Phase Offensive on October 25, which destroyed the South Korea force II Corps at Onjong near the Chinese border.


The first confrontation between Chinese and US military occurred on 1 November 1950 when PVA 39th Army encircled and attacked US 8th Cavalry Regiment and killed 1,800 American soldiers in Unsan mountain region. The surprise assault forced the UN force to retreat back to the Chongchon River.


Having captured Huichon, PVA 38th Army went on to taper toward the UN base at the rear flank.


Once arrived at Funchilin Pass, PVA soldiers wastered no time to structure defence works .


The time finally came. Chinese soldiers blew little copper whistles to coordinate the synchronized attack on the UN force.


The 42th Army officers were on the frontline commanding the battle which ended with PVA claiming victory.


Chinese soldier Zhang Jinwu (张进武) single-handedly captured 12 U.S. combatants.


The booties seized by the PVA included U.S. armoured vehicles.


The deserting U.S. army officers in retreat from advancing PVA were captured by Chinese soldiers.

The diagram indicates the first phase of PVA counter offensive operations. The red arrows represent PVA force and the black lines signify the UN(US) force. Over 15,000 UN military personnels were killed with over 10,000 casualties on PVA side.

[1] [2] [3] [4]

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