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The Revelation of 2012 

15 July 2010 

If you want to know what has made your life today, review your actions, words and thoughts in the past; If you want to know what your life will be tomorrow, reflect your actions, words and thoughts in the present, as before attaining full enlightenment, everyone is confined to the Rule of Cause and Effect, and no individual or group can be exempt, thus, you are the one to determine your fate!

The following is the revelation about the changes around 2012 and beyond. We post it here for your information or amusement.

The World:


There is enough of pure heart
To stabilize the world.
Time is ripe for a mankind
To be enlightened.



Guide and unite
The heart of the world.
Hard work is praised,
Mother nature is respected,
In the way that is
Decent and intelligent.
Having paid off the karmic debt
The ancient nation
Has resurrected.

The United States:


A wandering ghost
Targeting its master
Is hit by a covert strike.
At that moment,
The ocean will surge,
The red sun will sink,
The horror will descend
From the source
That cannot be detected.

We would like to urge the world's peace and freedom-loving community to help prevent China from being turned into a puppet state of the United States if we don't want to see the replay of the Peril of the Mongol that only became powerful enough to be destructive to the half of the world after it conquered China, absorbed the strength of the Southern Song Dynasty and enlisted Chinese collaborators as its consultants.

We would like to urge China to identify and purge the internal elements that are trying to lure China to the path of "G2 Pack" which will see China to be turned into the colony of the USA in economy, in politics, in culture and in military, and bound China to America's doomed destiny.

We would like to urge the United States to find the courage to redeem its past sins, to steer away from the direction of economic exploitation, military aggression and racial elimination if it ever wants to avoid its doomed fate before it is truly, truly, and truly, too late.

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