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Romance of The Three Zones

19 June 2010

In the beginning, China has Pudong (浦东新区) to be allocated for developing a new economic powerhouse model, which is up running now and serves as the financial and commercial centre for the southern China in general and Yangtze dealt in particular. After the coastal area of Tianjin (滨海新区) followed suit and has been designated as the second powerhouse for the northern China, yesterday morning a region in the outskirts of Chongqing (重庆) becomes the third powerhouse (两江新区) leading the development progress of China's vast western provinces, according to Chinese news agency. The total area of the new economical zone is said to be up to 1,200 km2, with 550 km2 available for urban development.

A tripartite balance of powerhouses:
The Romance of the Three Zone-doms

About two thousand years ago, this area was the base for the Shu Kingdom (蜀国) with China's legendary I Ching master and military strategist Zhuge Liang as its prime minister. Shu was one of the three Kingdoms that featured in one of the four greatest Chinese novels of all time: Romance of The Three Kingdoms (《三国演义》).

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Chongqing Chief Bo Xilai (薄熙来) and new zone chief Weng Jieming (翁杰明)

(Source of photo: 陈诚 摄 - xinhuanet)

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