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North Korea Today (2)
in the Lens of Chinese Journalists:
North Korean Rural

6 June 2010

Farmland in North Korea


The farmlands in North Korea are collectively owned by all rural workers which allows the production teams to obtain large farming equipments through sharing arrangement.


All vegetables are organically grown with restricted use of chemicals, which though yields less product and adds less value to GDP, but the health benefits are huge that in terms saves a lot on health care costs.


In North Korea all peasants are part of the organised workforce of the nation thus enjoy as much social welfare entitlements as the workers in cities, from education, health care, housing to age pension.

Here are some viewer comments on


It is indeed outstanding achievement for a country suffering economic sanction by the United States and other Western countries. 在美国等西方国家的严密封锁下,能把国家建成这样,真是很了不起.


However, not too long ago King Jong-il came to China for food aid, saying his country failed to produce enough food to support its people! 前一段时间朝鲜闹饥荒,粮食不够吃的,这可是小金同志亲口说的!还到中国来要粮食了呢


So? North Korea is a mountainous state surrounded by seas with little fertile land for agriculture. During the lean years, there would be some difficulties in getting sufficient quantities of food. But apart from this, they are able to produce all basic articles for daily needs. 自然条件的限制朝鲜靠海国家,而且是山地多,农产品本来就少,养猪饲料都很难解决,在加上出现灾荒就会比较紧张,但是除此之外朝鲜别的生活基本商品都能够自给

North Koreans have not begged for food donation. They receive food through the mineral exchange program. The recoverable ore reserve in North Korea Maoshan Mine alone has been as high as 3 billion tons, most of which are sent to China. 朝鲜用矿产资源交换中国的粮食资源,朝鲜的矿产资源全部都是运往中国的,这要节省多少钱!朝鲜矿产资源比较丰富,其中,位于咸镜北道中朝边境地区的茂山铁矿已探明储量50多亿吨,可开采量30亿吨


Look at us. The chicks here take only 30 days to become chickens, the piglets here take only 3 months to become pigs, the kids here as young as 7 to 8 would develop diseases that previous only affect adults. The GM food, the environmental pollution, the spiritual confusion, all these are poisoning our next generation. 我们现在吃的是30天就出栏的鸡,3个月就出栏的猪,7-8岁的儿童就患过去只能在成年人身上见到的病,中国的下一代就是伴随地沟油、转基因食品、环境污染和精神污染成长,是谁在毁灭中国的未来


In the West, the primitive accumulation of capital took two hundred years to complete, and was completed with the help of gunboats that allowed the Western capitalists to loot the natural and human resources worldwide, while Chinese capitalists have accomplished this process in a few decades and done so without the advantage of looting abroad. The secret to their stunning success? They transferred and are transferring the state-owned capital assets that were accumulated since 1949 into private pockets through corruption and cheap acquisition in the name of the economic reform. 西方老牌资本主义国家的资本原始积累,都历经了近二百年的时间。而中国资本家的原始积累,却只用了短短十几年的时间,使很多中国的富人纷纷登上世界富豪排行榜。西方国家的资本积累时间长,而且他们的掠夺是面对全球的。中国的资本原始积累时间之短,堪称举世无双,而且,他们的剥削和劫掠的对象,仅限于国内的百姓!原因何在?不就是仅仅用了十几年的时间,把毛泽东时代七亿中国人民,勒紧裤带,艰苦奋斗,历近三十年的时间,积累起来的国有资产和财富,在贪官污吏和不法资本家们相互勾结之下,瓜分殆尽吗?在国有资产被贱卖的过程中,贪官污吏们得到了巨额的金钱贿赂,而不法资本家们则以小博大,取得了无与伦比的巨额资产!他们获得的巨大的既得利益,横跨了两个时代


Come on. Even America and other developed nations in the West who has the ability to lot the world don't have a welfare system as good as what North Korea claims to have provided to its people! If it is true, why on-earth some North Koreans want to flee to China? 美国以及其他发达国家掠夺全球的资源供他们享用也没有那么高的福利啊!既然那么高的福利了,天堂般的生活,那些“脱北者”哪里来的?


The fact that the social welfare system in the highly developed America is worse than that in the poor North Korea typifies the ugly nature of the capitalism which allows the big chunk of wealth to be controlled by a small group of elites and leaves the majority people with little to nothing to go by. 美国那么发达,还不能给全民福利,这不正说明资本主义私有制的丑陋本质吗,财富都被少数人垄断了,哪有钱给全民福利


Capitalists don’t like social welfare system, ‘cause that won't generate profits. By now they are on the way to seize every aspect of Chinese economy. It is not surprising that these people would follow the United States to demonise North Korea. 资本势力是不喜欢这免费那免费政策的。因为一免费他们就没有利润,就无法掠夺民众的血汗了。某国现在到处是资本势力无孔不入的时候,时时都在盯着每一社会的角落,每时每刻地务算如何。从民众中榨取利润。所以这伙人当然也跟着美国妖魔朝鲜。


Speaking of those who fled North Korea, we don’t know the real figure to start with. After all, are you sure those people who fled their country really suffered from prosecution or starvation? How many Chinese tried and are still trying to smuggle to America and other Western countries to apply for refugee status with their fabricated stories about political prosecution? [Case in point: Falungong and some certain Christian sectors in Australia regularly visit the detention centres to teach the Chinese immigration detainees how to claim refugee status by joining falungong or converting to Christianity - admin] 脱北者不提也罢,先不论有多少是所谓民运分子煽动资助的,到底有多少现在也很难说的清楚,当全世界都诋毁你的祖国的时候,当全世界都在说外面的世界会更好的时候,难免有一些败类会为了金钱和个人私利出卖祖国,请注意,这些所谓脱北者,你能肯定他在朝鲜是受到迫害吗?你能肯定他在朝鲜是没房住没饭吃吗?他脱北只是因为西方敌对势力给他的更多而已,不能代表朝鲜就不好,这些为了个人私利出卖祖国的人,我们中国还见的少吗?中国现在这样,他们都能编造一堆所谓事实,对朝鲜,那更是小菜一碟了。汉奸,是哪个朝代都不会少的,朝奸亦然。

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