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PRC's Founding Father Mao Zedong
On the Korean War

28 June 2010


You all know, I never fight a battle if I’m not confident that we have a good chance to win. With regard to send Volunteer Armies abroad this time, though some people opposed the decision, thinking we may not be able to win, but after a careful deliberation by me and some of my comrades in the Central Committee, we’ve formulated a strategy for a lengthy warfare, and we believe we are in the position to claim victory.

We estimate that the American army has one strength and three constraints (美帝的军队有一长三短). It has more metal stuff and more aircrafts and more canons, which is the only advantage it possesses. It has established too many military bases in the world, has made too many enemies around, has to guard against every one and has problems to draw enough new recruits – this is its first constraint (世界上的军事基地多,到处树敌,到处设防,兵源不足); It fights a war far away from home on the other side of the ocean – this is its second constraint (远隔重洋); It fights for a course of aggression and injustice, therefore its morale is terribly low which becomes its fatal constraint (为侵略而战,师出无名,士气十分低落是它的致命伤). Its single advantage cannot make up for its three weaknesses.

We’ll take an enduring warfare to destroy the main force of the US by piecemeal, and to inflict the death and injuries of its soldiers on daily basis (我们要进行持久战,一步一步消灭它的有生力量,使它每天都有伤亡). It occupies the land of North Korea for a day, we'll attack it for a day; it occupies the land of North Korea for a year, we’ll attack it for a year; it occupied the land of North Korea for ten years, we’ll attack it for ten years, until the US can no longer bear the loss and plea for peace. As long as it has a will for peace, we’ll end the war, ‘cause we want peace in the first place. (它一天不撤退,我们就打它一天,一年不撤退,就打它一年,十年不撤退,就打它十年。这样一来,它就伤亡多,受不了,到那时,它就只好心甘情愿地进行和平解决。只要它愿意和平解决,我们就可以结束战争,我们原来是要和平的。)

PRC's Founding Father Mao Zedong
on the Chinese Victory of the Korean War


First of all, together with the North Korean people, we've retained the original Military Demarcation Line, otherwise the frontline would still be along the Yalv Rive (鸭绿江) and Tumen River (图们江), and the people in Shenyang, Anshan and Fushun wouldn’t be able to work in peace.

Secondly, through the war we’ve gained some military experiences. The ground force, the air force, the navy force, the infantry troops, the artillery troops, the engineering corps, the tank units, the railway corps, the air defence force, the signal units, the military medical support units and the logistic service units in Chinese People’s Volunteer Army all obtained practical experiences in fighting the war against the US force. This time, we learned a great deal about American troops, and we now know Americans are nothing to be frightened of - they are in fact pretty dumb. This is an extremely valuable knowledge we retained from this war.

Thirdly, the war has helped the general public to realise that America is the enemy of Chinese people.

And finally, because of the above three, America’s plan to declare war against China has been put on hold, and the third world war has been put on hold.

“The imperialists should understand by now: Chinese people have already been mobilised and united, and can no longer be bullied. Otherwise the consequences will be enormous. Should we invade other people’s territory then? No, certainly not. We must attack no one. However, if somebody comes to attack us, we will have to fight back, and keep fighting until we win the battle. Chinese people love peace but are not afraid of war. We are good at the both, and we have the support of our people. During the Korean War, people responded enthusiastically to the call for joining the Volunteer Army. The selection for new recruits were so strict, which is about one in a hundred. People say that it was more choosy than an old man selecting a suitable husband for his daughter. So as you can see, if the Americans want to keep fighting, we will have no problem to stick it out.

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