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The Dark Violence of the Greens

19 June 2010

A White colonist in New Zealand jumped forward shouting abuse when a Chinese delegate led by Vice-Chairman Xi Jinping passed by, demanding China to be broken up again.

Fortunately this scumbag was promptly shown an umbrella by Chinese security guards protecting the delegate that effectively rendered him immobile, and the flag, a testimony to Dalai's crime of high treason, was thrown on the ground and stomped on like a piece of dirty cloth.

It is believed that this Green politician was migrated from Australia, and there are some talks regarding the true intention of his rowdy show - Did he act on the behalf of foreign interest to insert a wedge in the ever-expanding trade relationship between China and New Zealand?

It is not the first time that the Greens challenged the core national interest of 1.3 billion Chinese. During the Olympic Torch run, the Greens were one of the main organisers of the violent anti-Chinese protests.

The Green International is increasingly viewed by the world community as being a bunch of environmental terrorists. Like Tibetan Lamaism that is not a religious sector but a political organisation with a goal of global dominance through voodoo practice, The Green is a party using environment pretext to pursue its political agendas worldwide.

If China Green members keep silent over the incident, they should be viewed as the collaborators of the separatist movement and international anti-China forces thus deserve to be dealt with accordingly.




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A China map formed by red balloons during the National Day 2009 celebrating Chinese people having once again become a united and independent country, and being able to stank up to the White colonists for 60 years.

Chinese Warriors Guarding China's Tibet

The military force save Tibetan kids during the quake

The military force save the injured Tibetans during the quake

The violent Greens lining up with the slave-owner lamas will have to pass China's military forces first before they could help their CIA master to return Tibet to the serfdom.

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