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Chinese Urban in Shanghai Expo

1 June 2010

Celebrate a good urban space and good urban life in a traditional Chinese town: 水墨周庄 - Zhouzhuang, a Chinese Town with Freehand Ink Painting Quality

Zhouzhuang (周庄) in outskirts of ancient city Suzhou near Shanghai is one of the best preserved traditional Chinese towns. Late last month on a stage in Shanghai World Expo, with giant brushes and folding fans 180 performing artists made a poetic presentation of the highly culturally-oriented urban scene in the watery land of South of Yangtze (江南水乡).

The Footprints of Cities - an exhibition hall in Shanghai Expo narrating the history of urban development.

A streets corner in Shanghai Expo - Tianjin Exhibition Hall

A streetscape in Shanghai Expo

A streetscape outside Shanghai Expo - Shanghai downtown Nanjing Road.

(Source of photos: 杨磊 - 新华社, 蜻蜓点水点到为止– and 酷小胖)

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