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A 10-Year Old Big Bloke

1 June 2010

In the poetic watery land of Ox Hill Town (牛山镇), of East Sea County (东海县) in Lianyungang (连云港), Jiangsu Province (江苏省), there is a 10-year old little boy named Hu Jishan (胡继汕) who is also known as “Big Bloke” (顶天立地的男子汉). The bloke is not really big in size as you can tell from the photo which illustrates a cozy moment he shares with his mom, but what he has accomplished is truly outstanding.

A decade ago this bloke was born, from which his mother was infected with rheumatic disease and years later became totally bedridden. When the boy started primary school at age of 6, in order to earn enough money to treat his mother, his father went to another city to take a better paid job, leaving his mom under his care.

Since then, the boy gets up at 5 in the early morning to help his mother with toilet duties, then he cooks breakfast, brushes his mom’s teeth, washes his mom’s face, feeds his mom breakfast and feeds himself breakfast, and then collects his bag and runs to school, and then runs back home during the lunch break to help his mom change position in bed and to clean his mom’s body and to cook lunch and to feed his mom lunch and to feed himself lunch, and then runs back to school for afternoon session, and then runs back home after school to help his mom change position in bed and to clean his mom’s body and to wash his mom's clothes and to cook dinner and to feed his mom dinner and to feed himself dinner before he sits down at his mom’s bedside doing his homework and telling his mom what has happened during the day at school.

Each day his time is so tightly scheduled that he gets no time to play with other kits, not even during the break time between the class sessions as by there he is busy catching up with his homework. As the result, his study is always good good, while his mom forever keeps clean clean and eats well well, since he has learned how to do stir-fries, that include stir-fry scrambled egg with tomato, stir-fry scrambled egg with bean sprouts, stir-fry green vegetable with dry fungus to name a few.

Fortunately, he’s not alone. His teachers, his school principal and his neighbours are always ready to offer him their hands. But he is a “Big Bloke” and, like all big blokes around the world, he is proud of helping others instead of receiving help; by now he is tremendously proud that he is able to help his mom.


Only the one who knows how to be a good man (no matter how young) knows how to manage his family; only the one who knows how to manage his family knows how to administrate public affairs.

Some online comments on the news:


Kids like this will be the ones to make a nation strong and prosperous.



Kids like this shall be the right material for working in government when grown up, for they are the ones who know how to help people.


(Source of info: 魏爱华; photo: 张凌飞 - 扬子晚报)

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