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America on Human Rights

13 June 2010

The United States on June 10, 2010 urged Iran to make good on its pledge to improve human rights in the country. Why is it necessary for American government to make this statement? Here is why:

On May 4, 1970 [China's Youth Day], a massacre occured at Kent State University carried out by the National Guards who fired at unarmed students gathering for an anti-war rally, with a total of 67 shots over 13 seconds. Four students were killed and nine wounded.

The following are excerpt from Noah Adams's article Shots Still Reverberate For Survivors Of Kent State:

"The first card that I opened up in the intensive care unit was a very nice-looking card," recalls Dean Kahler, who was paralyzed during the shooting. "But the note in it said, 'Dear communist hippie radical, I hope by the time you read this, you are dead.' " (丁卡勒是当时被美国国民卫队射伤的九人之一,并因此瘫痪至今。他时常回忆起他在急救病房醒来后收到的第一张明信片。“那张明信片很漂亮,但在这张漂亮的明信片上却写着如下一段话:亲爱的共党极端分子,我希望你现在已经死掉了。”)

Kahler was a freshman at Kent State in 1970. He was from a farm family and wanted to be a coach. He was against the war, but on that day, he was mostly curious — about the Guard, about his rights. (丁卡勒70年时是肯特大学的一年级新生。他来自一农民家庭,其志向是学成后当一名教练。他当时关心的是越战,但现在他更关心的是美国军队的道德,以及他作为一名美国公民的人权。)

When Kahler heard the shots, he lay on the ground. Then he was hit in the back. He has been in a wheelchair for the past 40 years. (70年五月四日那天,当他听到军队 [向手无寸铁的反战集会学生] 开枪的枪声时,他立即就卧倒了。军队向趴在地上的他开枪,打中他的背部。自那日起他已在轮椅上度过了整整40年的时光。)

So far, no apology was made from the authority for the blood military massacre of the unarmed students gathering to protest Vietnam War in the campus, and the people are told by the government not to talk about this incident.

Sorry, wrong example, our apology. This human rights abuse incident occurred in the United States.

But here we have another example:

Sprint Nextel provided the government with GPS locations of its subscribers via their cell-phone signals 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. Telecom and Internet providers “all have special departments, many open 24 hours per day, whose staff do nothing but respond to legal requests. Their entire purpose is to facilitate the disclosure of their customers’ records to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.” (春电电讯,自2008九月至2009十月,通过手机信号定位系统向政府提供手机使用者所行踪共八百万次。据索苟安的报告,每个美国的电讯与互联网公司中都设有一个特殊部门,这个部门中的工作人员只干一件事:随时向政府有关机构报告关于他们客户的情况。)

Oops, wrong example again! This human rights abuse incident also occurred in the United States.

But here is the one showing how Iranian government violates its people's right to freedom of expression:

Davis was described by the prosecutors as a paper terrorist who believes government licenses, taxes and currency are invalid. Another accursed man Rice is said to be a lawyer and rabbi who devoted to anti-American-government teaching. (据尊敬的检察官先生指控,可恶的代为死先生是“主权运动”的全美领导人,其成员一致坚信美国政府的执照、税收及美元都是TMD水货。官方更指称万恶的赖死先生自称是一位律师和祭师,他肆无忌惮地将其有限的精力投入到了无限的反政府教育事业中。)

Gee, it's in the United States again! We become desperate. Let's make last ditch effort:

According to a report by on January 16, 2010, a little boy has been considered as a dangerous terrorist suspect ever since he was 2. By then even he was yet to develop an ability to communicate with other human beings in human language, he was, nevertheless, viewed by American authorities for possibly being the part of terrorist network with a capacity to blow up American aircrafts, thus was a target of extra security measures at airports. (据英国泰晤士报1月16日报道,这毛孩自2岁起就涉嫌从事反美恐怖活动了。虽然那时他还连话都说不全,不过这好像并不妨碍他和恐怖组织遥相呼应、里应外合,密谋炸毁美国民航飞机。美国当局充分预见到了这一可能性,因此6年来,他每次登机前都要通过特殊的安全检查和全身搜索)

Boy! We give up! We can only hope the United States can make good on its pledge to improve human rights in its country.

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