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Break In and Break You Up
如此中下层公民尊严! 敢问开封府包公安在?

16 May 2010

13 May, in the Drum Terrace Square (鼓楼广场) at the CBD of Kaifeng, Henan Province, a sobbing Guo Man is helping her child searching for his text books and school works trashed by a property developer in the early morning.

“When a group of men broke into our home at 5am, my mother, my child and I were still asleep. They dragged us out of the building, and pulled down the house with a bulldozer. Our computer, refrigerator, bank card and other household items, including my son’s shoes, are all buried in rubble, and he had to go to school barefoot,” narrated Guo when interviewed by a journalist that afternoon.

Later it is found that the property developer with his company called Wensheng (文盛房地产开发公司) has demolished the wrong building. The city authority reportedly told Guo that it would make the developer to apologize and pay for her lose for the mistake of identifying the wrong property to demolish.

Does it mean if a deal to demolish a building is made between the authority and developers, the developers will be entitled to break into a private household and throw the rightful residents out and demolish their home and trash their belongings without their knowledge or consent?


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Three Traps

Confucian once warned anyone who aspires to be a dignified noble character to watch out for three pitfalls: a) do not know what is right and what is wrong (未之闻;患弗得闻也); b) knowing what is right and what is wrong, but fail to learn how to do the right thing (既闻之,患弗得学也); c) learned how to do the right thing, but fail to put into the practice (既学之,患弗能行也).

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