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Two Daughters of China

26 May 2010

Li Na (李纳), a daughter of new China’s founding father Mao Zedong, has recently wrote a letter to the top national leadership, urging them not to make a hasty decision on commercial plantation of the GM rice until thorough researches have been conducted over its long term impact on human health. Reportedly, this was the first time she ever publicly voiced her opinion on state affairs since the death of her father in 1976.

During the annual People’s Conference meeting this March, her sister Li Ming (李敏) jointly tabled a bill on the issue with Ren Yuanzhen (任远征: the daughter of former general-secretary of CCP Ren Bishi 任弼时) and Dong Lianghui (董良翚: the daughter of former president of China Dong Biwu 董必武) and other fifty members at the conference.

In the meanwhile, Deng Xiaoping’s daughter Deng Nan, who once served as the sole messenger of her father, the supreme leader of China in late last century (Wonder if she ever faked her father’s message for her own benefit. If this was the case, the respectable elderly shall not be blamed for the problems manifested lately which were believed to be partly derived from his earlier directives), is reported to have visited GM biologist Zhang and encouraged him to keep fighting until the GM rice are commercially planted in China.

Zhang is said to be responsible for illegally distributing the GM rice seeds to farmers before they were officially declared to be “safe”.

The following are some online comments from viewers of the news:


My salute to Comrade Li Na!



Li Na speaks for the majority of Chinese people, while Deng Nan represents the interest of elite minority.



What a stark contrast between two daughters of two former leaders! It is said that to judge a man under thirty you should look at his father, and to judge a man over thirty you should observe his son. Don’t you think it is well said?



Like her father, Mao’s daughter cares about the people at the grassroots level, and concerns the welfare of our nation’s future, while Deng’s daughter only thinks how to collect more wealth for her family. If she loves the GM rice so dearly, she and her children should keep eating it for life. We have no objection on that.


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Mr Zhu's Words to His Children

When a family is mean, it cannot prevail long. When a household is unscrupulous, destruction cannot be kept at a distance.

To fawn the rich and powerful is the most revolting. To bully the weak and poor is the most sickening.

Over-confidence will result many regrets; self-indulgence will bring no success.

When studying the classics, aiming at learning from the sages, not obtaining fame and degrees. When working in government, aspiring to serve the country, not benefiting your own family and relatives.





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