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Let’s Catch 22 and Back to Square 1

5 May 2010

While some American media guys and their Chinese collaborators working for the American presses - such as Noise Of America, and Noise Of America Chinese - gloat over how a Chinese diplomat, who is not a kungfu master and does not wear pigtail on the back of his head to cause visual pollution to the American streetscape, was knocked onto the ground and beaten up and hand cuffed within Chinese embassy in Houston by a gang of American cops for the reason that the rear license plate on his vehicle was missing (Oh, yeah, what a crime, which will certainly spoil Houston's chance to become a better city with better life, for sure), they’ve overlooked one crucial fact, that it is actually not a VOA (Victory of America) but a CIAA (China Intrigue Against America). Why?

Let’s go back to 22 years ago when CIA (note: it’s different from CIAA) plotted a Square Revolution in China’s heart through their diverse local agents and collaborators in various levels, from a sinister Zhao, to Zhao’s secretary Bao, to Bao’s friend Fang, to Fang’s disciple Liu, to Liu’s followers in the square spreading the new gospel message of American-style freedemon and demoncrazy. Sadly, the majority of people in the Chinese government and community did not seem to like the demons much, so the demon fighters, like Mr Fang, had no choice but to take refugee in the American Embassy where Chinese cops dared not to enter, which is how Fang was able to become a free demon in the United States instead of a crazy demon in a Chinese prison.

But prospect for Fang’s followers to follow Fang’s footsteps towards the America Embassies in any future demon event should it turns sour isn’t too promising after the VOA over the Chinese diplomat in the Chinese embassy in Houston, since too many people in China are too eager to follow the lead of Americans (Hi, feel free to be proud of yourselves, U.S. buddies!).

Anyway, let's go back to the square. And when the square is concerned, we have this earnest advice for American diplomats, journalists, various foundationalists and their Chinese collaborators: If you guys ever consider to go to China to initiate another square or street or alleyway or courtyard revolution to free crazy demons, you’d better to make sure you will not fail your mission, 'cause if you do, there could be no more safe heaven for you in Beijing or in any other Chinese city. Why? You know why, don't you?

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You think it is the White House? Yes, it is nearly white and it is a big house, but no, it is not the White House in the United States but a district court in Shanghai's urban fringe Minghang. Do you still doubt how keen some Chinese are to follow the glorious lead of the Americans?

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