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Analysts Question Korea Torpedo Incident (2)

29 May 2010

The Following are some comments from viewers:


I thought this sounded fishy from the start. It's another trumped up Golf of Tonkin incident. Considering that the north has nukes, this is crazy.



I would like to see our intrepid reporter check out the 6 May Reuters story in which a Yonhap story, citing an unidentified senior South Korean source, discusses a topic I have seen nowhere else:

"The metallic debris and chemical residue appear to be consistent with a type of torpedo made in Germany, indicating the North may have been trying to disguise its involvement by avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia, Yonhap quoted the official as saying."

Why did someone high up in the South Korean government tell the South Korean media that the torpedo was identified as of German make? The North Koreans have none in their inventory--though they could have acquired some, no doubt. But could they be fired from a NK submarine? Interestingly, the entire South Korean submarine component is composed of German-made submarines, Type 214s and Type 209s. Wonder if the South Koreans could have somehow inadvertently hit their own ship and then tried to cover it up.



你说你脑残的南朝鲜政府干嘛要告诉南朝鲜媒体那枚鱼雷是德国造的呢?全世界的人民都知道北朝鲜没有德国货 – 当然他们从哪儿弄到一两枚那也是有可能的,但它们的非德国配制的潜艇能发射德国鱼雷吗?另一方面,全世界的人民都知道,南朝鲜的潜艇整个都是德国装置,214系列,209系列。鬼知道南朝鲜舰队是不是因为内讧而自相残杀,然后嫁祸于人逃避罪责


Can you say....Gulf of Tonkin.

And even if the facts are as stated, I wonder if the americans would have responded any differently if some unfriendly naval power was conducting naval exercises within disputed american territorial waters.



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