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Shanghai World Expo 2010 (2)
In the Lens of An Expert on Chinese Camera History

22 May 2010


An opening on a thick wall reveals a new world at the other side of the barrier. But if you think that world must be better than the one you are in, please take a close look. Do you see a giant blue face with huge protruding eyes emerging on the wall opposite which looks so cold and so gloomy?


While Australia's mer-not-maid flew to Denmark to live with her prince in palace, Denmark's mermaid flew to Shanghai only to perch on a stone alone. Some people are forever luckier than others.


A lattice wall in a massive scale to keep you safe while opening up new horizons.


This little fat devil posing half naked in the public space seems to be a timely reminder to the visitors that how rapidly the Chinese babies from Han people, who account for over 90 percent of the Chinese population, are disappearing, and how soon China may need to create genetically modified babies (they grow fast but never up, like this one, so China will never be short of babies) or manufacture systemic babies from scratch in laboratories (with patent fees charged by the American biologists in Maryland).

Since these babies will not be able to function as crop seeds, oops, parents, thus before long all Chinese will be free of their tomb sweeping duties. If you have doubts over the outcome of this scenario, we would advise you to forward your questions to Chinese GM crop experts at Huazhong Agricultural University who were lately found to be out on the Wuhan streets feeding passers by with their nicely steamed GM rice, for free. These extremely charitable souls shall be very happy to address any of your queries.


A multi-layered space in the Sunny Valley

脚踏实地, 鸟瞰人间。

Watching human domain below, not from heaven, but through a glass floor.

球内有球, 天外有天.

When standing around watching this globe, spare one minute to contemplate that we are also standing on a globe watched by others standing around.

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Expo's Shanxi Week

Shanxi dancing artists perform Yellow River’s Romance (黄河情韵) at Baosteel Stage on 19 May

A master chef from Shanxi displays her noodle making skills

The old and the young from Shanxi blow their Yellow River-style trumpets on the streets

Shanxi dancing artists perform China Drum (鼓舞华夏) in the open space of the Expo on 20 May

(Source of photos: 杨世尧 - 新华社)

Baoshan Steel Stage

(Source of photo: 蜻蜓点水点到为止)

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