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Shanghai World Expo 2010 (1)
In the Lens of An Expert on Chinese Camera History

22 May 2010

Youfang (游方), one of the most respected experts on the craft history of the Chinese cameras, is an accomplished camera collector and a gifted photographer. The following are some of the shots of Shanghai Expo taken by Youfang:


The magnificent centrepiece of the World Expo 2010, China Pavilion, in a shape of a wooden bracket for the traditional Chinese architecture and a red crown of ancient Chinese emperor


The seal of China

An ingenious design concept formulated by Chinese architects from Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai: the ventilation openings have been moulded as Chinese seals


The Sunny Valley at night

The round Sunny Valley next to the square China Pavilion, underlying a deep-seated Chinese cultural approach: being highly accommodating while upholding principles


Keep the free spirit of the valley within the boundary of the vicinity to allow a harmonious co-existence


The walls of projection and refection help you to review your action.


This is not a military airport but the exhibition hall of Germany.


This is not a gigantic toilet closet but the exhibition centre of Taiwan Province.


The illusive evidences of the past exhibited in the displaying windows are being viewed by a group of illusive audience.


An urban scene of ancient Chinese capital Bianliang (汴梁) during the Song Dynasty - one of four golden ages, namely Han (206BC - 220AD), Tang (618 - 907), Song (960 - 1279) and Ming (1368 - 1644), in Chinese history since the unification of the middle kingdom - revives in animation on the walls in the China Pavilion.

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Youfang couple pose before China Pavilion

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