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China's Dream of the Red Chamber Interpreted by North Korean Opera Artists

9 May 2010

Directed by North Korean President King Jong-iI

A grand reunion party is taking place in a spectacular living parlour that opens to a paranormal garden view, welcoming Lady Jia's home coming visit which doesn't occur frequently (about once in a lifetime, a price for being a royal consort to emperor).

The boy, Lady Jia's younger brother, is doing his homework at his spacious studio with the assistance of his girl servants (he is actually taking a long break after a brief study since he hates to good good study and prefers to day day play.)

To the boy's delight, the next day is a beautiful spring day and he is invited to an outdoor barbecue party hosted by the supreme leader of the family, Lady Jia's grandma. The party goners sit or stand around the red pavilion enjoying their barbecue while watching the light entertainment.

But the boy's cousin Black Jade is like a black horse in this extended household and prefers to hold a funeral ceremony for fallen blossoms alone and share her poems and tears with flowers when she buries them. She is sad and her heart is in pain because this academic high achiever has fallen in love with the day day play boy.

The day day play boy is now lying in a coach placed in the front courtyard of his residence Red Chamber after he was badly beaten by his father for being terribly naughty. His offences include, but are not limited to, helping an opera actor quit his job without permission and licking lipsticks from a girl servant's lips (a bad excuse for kissing a girl). His cousin Xue brought him some wonder drugs since her family runs a herbal medicine store.

The boy gets married to Black Jade, as he was so told. But when he lifted his bride's head cover, he finds it is actually Xue, the medicine-wise girl. The family authorities voted unanimously against Black Jade for taking the position as the boy's wife because she doesn't seem to fit into the family culture well and because she is not a medicine provider but a long-term medicine consumer due to her multi-illness.

When Black Jade learned the boy married Xue, she burned her poems and dropped tones of tears. Her heart previous in pain is now broken. She died.

When the boy realised he has married a wrong girl and learned that the right girl has perished, he is totally lost, wondering what is the point for him to keep day day studying. The lost soul decides to leave his Red Chamber and relinquish the high resource consumption living pattern to search for a new lifestyle model that shall be more sustainable.

He finds it, and becomes a Buddhist monk, cultivating an existence that is free of emotional turmoil and material craving thus sustainable forever.

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North Korea Exhibition Hall in Shanghai World Expo.

North Korean opera artists left the carriage of green train to pursuit the Dream of Red Chamber in Beijing BTV grand theatre.

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