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South Korea's New Discovery of History (2)

26 May 2010

Vladimir Tihonov, a South Korea expert at the University of Oslo in Norway questioned the credibility of the evidence and the motivation of President Lee Myung-Bak.

While announcing the evidence of the North Korea attach were recovered, the data on the navigation route and the communication record have never been made public, witch brings more questions than answers. What are the proves that the piece of the torpedo they retrieved is indeed from the one that destroyed the warship? And if North Korean submarine was able to sneak into the maritime territory of the South, launch a torpedo attach at their warship then leave the area without being noticed, how useless the Sough Korea’s naval system must be!

Chinese Netizens also raised numerous questions regarding the alleged evidence:

According to the photo image, the parts recovered from the sea bed include the torpedo engine with the propeller and the steering parts still linked to it. If this bomb was powerful enough to tear the battleship into two, how come its own delicate linkages were not damaged?

The current in that particular part of Yellow Sea is said to be rather turbulent, which is why the warship was found 6 kilometres away from where it sank, then how come the little torpedo engine could still be located at the site? And after two months? And with the handwriting mark clearly visible?

At the moment, there are about 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea and the public demand for ending the military occupation has been mounting in the recent years, which put President Lee in a extremely difficult situation. He knew he had no chance to drive away the Americans, and he also knew he had no chance to be re-elected if he couldn't drive the Americans away.

But since the mysterious emergence of that torpedo piece with a handwritten mark, all have changed.

President Lee can expect to be re-elected without kicking U.S. forces out; President Obama will be able to stay in South Korean beyond previously promised pull out date in 2012 and without the need to hand over the wartime military commanding power to the South Korean government as discussed lately, and has a good prospect to sale American missile defence system to Japan and South Korea amid the so-called North Korean threat.

Who are the losers then?

The North Koreans will suffer economically.

And the South Korean tax payers will also suffer economically since they need to keep footing the 60 percent of the cost for the American occupation troops, and need to save money to purchase new weapons and systems and much more.

How exciting!

Please don't ask me why baby gets so high
Please don't have me try pull answers from the sky
We're watching from my roof for that special sign
They finally give the signal and we all get in line
Hi, hi, high, high!

The following are some online comments left on Chinese language websides and


韩剧就是好看, 不服不行.

You’ve got to admit South Korean soap opera is indeed well crafted.



Haha, another research paper prepared by Hwang Woo-Suk!! [South Korea’s national hero convicted to have fabricated a series of experiments in the field of stem cell research.]



Those people are bold enough to fabricate history, nothing they would not fake.



To make the evidence more credible, they should add King Jong-il’s signature.



I like to believe torpedo is indeed made by the Koreans, and invented by them, and it’s time for the South Korea to ask UN to add it on the cultural heritage list.



If South Korea keeps denying the North to cross examine the evidence, the North shall have no case to answer. Hi, South Koreans, I say you either put up or shut up!



Americans are both the suspects and the investigators, what kind of result do you expect?



I suspect the warship was destroyed by Americans by accident, then they blame on North Korea.

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