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South Korea's New Discovery of History (1)

26 May 2010

Immediately after the Korean Peninsula liberated from the Japanese occupation after the WWII, the United States proposed to the Soviet Union to divide it in two parts and ruled by Americans and Soviets respectively for the reason that the Koreans were incapable of self-determination since they got accustomed to be under someone else’ administration.

That was how the North and South Koreans came into beings. By then the South was less advanced in economy and culture comparing to the North (see the dress code of the South Korean women at the time as shown in the photo).

Decades later, North Korea, though still poor, partially due to the economic punishment put into the place by the U.S., has gained true independence, while South Korea, despite having earned a bit money by selling off its sovereign rights, is still a puppet state of the United States.

Like most get-rich-sudden folks in the world, many South Koreans become terribly embarrassed by their own history in which they were virtually nobody and of their reality in which they are under somebody else, to the point that they’ve developed a mental condition and begin to fabricate their past.

The symptom was first detected when they asked the United Nations to list China’s traditional dragon boat festival on the lunar fifth May, known as Duanwu (端午节), as their own intangible cultural heritage. (Shame on the current U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who by then served in the South Korea government and by now shows no attempt to redeem this copyright violation offence. Will he ever be capable of feeling "overwhelming and deeply troubling" for his countrymen's culture theft crimes?).

Lately, South Koreans’ problems with collective delusion become rather serious and they start to believe their homeland was the cradle for the entire human civilisation. After they congratulated each other for having invented Chinese Medicine, Chinese script, Chinese printing technology, Chinese fengshui and Chinese armillary sphere, just to name a few, and for having changed the nationality of some celebrated Chinese identities, from poet Qu Yuan (屈原, the hero involved in the Dragon Boat Festival), Lady Xishi (西施, one of four allegedly most beautiful women in Chinese history), Doctor Li Shizhen (李时珍, the author of Compendim of Materia Medica 《本草纲目》), Doctor Sun Zhongshan (孙中山, the founding father of the Republic of China who ended Manchurians' apartheid alien rule), Chairman Mao Zedong (毛泽东, the founding father of People's Republic of China who reunited the country as an fully independent nation), Mr Yao Ming (姚明, a basketball player at the Houston Rockets) to giant pandas (大熊猫, bamboo-eating creatures living in Sichuan and Hubei provinces), from China to South Korea, they begin to boast that Jesus of Nazareth and Shakyamuni of Nepal were also Koreans in origin.

Now they've expanded their research on the Origin of the Species to the military field and the sea bed. A South Korea led investigation team concluded some days ago that the torpedo which is said to have destroyed a South Korean warship in March was made by Koreans, and the Koreans living in north.

South Korean President Lee Myung Bak gets terribly excited on the new discovery and promptly cut trade to North while ordered his border guards to adapt CIA's noise torture technique by shouting abuse through loudspeakers at the North day and night.

United States' President Barak Obama also gets highly excited and wasted no time to offer his unreserved support for Lee's conflict-stimulus package while ordered American troops stationed in the South Korean to get ready for further conflict.

North Korea gets excited too and angrily denied it authorized a strike against the warship while demanded to gain access to examine the evidence. The South refused the request, very strangely and unreasonably. When you take the consideration of South Korea's medical record on compulsory identity theft disorder, you will have to wonder what it's really up to this time.

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Hum, this looks like a Chinese character originally invented by Koreans, so ... obviously ... evidently ... undoubtly!

Hi, I'm curious what's South Koreans' new discovery in history?

You wouldn't want to know, I'm gonna die laughing - they say the Koreans own the copyright to the torpedo that destroyed their warship!

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