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A Fengshui Hill
Made of Concrete
in Shanghai

26 May 2010

America: This is one more piece of concrete evidence (literally) that you've violated the intellectual property rights of Mother Nature, which is why I must place you on my piracy watch list.

China: Yeah? I would consider your creation of artificial cells is a living proof (literally) of your violation of the intellectual property of your God, which may result you to be placed on God's piracy watch list.

An artificial hill erects in a residential compound in Shanghai's Putuo District for alleged fengshui effect.

(Source of photos: 新民网)

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A Low Carbon Emission Vehicle
Made of Bricks
in Shanghai

Seoul (汉城): Hi Shanghai, you've violated my copyright.

Shanghai (上海): Show the world your original brick car then.

Seoul (汉城): Don't you worry, I will, I'll ask my Uncle Sam to invent one for me very soon. By the way, my uncle has already placed you on his priority watch list for intellectual property rights violation.

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