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The Death of A Chinese Diplomat in the United States

4 May 2010

Mr Tan Jinyong (谭锦镛) was a proud man, because he was a kungfu master and he was a diplomat.

But Mr Tan decided to kill himself. Why?

To start with, it was in the year 1903 when China was a segregated society ruled by alien herdsmen Manchurians who enslaved the locals while curried favour with the foreign powers in the hope that the West could help them to suppress the resistance movements at home.

Mr Tan was, unfortunately, a local Chinese and, like all the indigenous Chinese men under the Manchu colonists, was forced to be stamped with a repugnant mark on the back of their head: a pigtail - the only noteworthy physical heritage that Manchurians brought to China; and was, tragically, sent to his post in St Francisco in the United States, a country by then was also under an apartheid regime.

At the nightfall of 13 August, 1903, Mr Tan was returning to the embassy after completed some diplomatic affairs in the town. When he walked onto a bridge on the urban fringe, he met his fate: an American cop.

Seeing Mr Tan passing by, the cop lurched out of the darkness and cursed aloud in Enginese (English Chinese), “Hi, Chink, yellow pig!” He then thrust his hand towards the diplomat’s head and threw off his cap. “Wow, a long braid, what a pig tail!” the cop cackled.

The diplomat picked up the cap from the dirt and pronounced in clear English, “Please mind your manners, Sir. Chinese are also humans!”

“Yeah? Chinese are also humans?” the American cop mocked, stretching his hand to lift Mr Tan’s chin.

The diplomat suppressed his anger and repeated his statement emphatically, “Yes! Chinese are also humans!”

But before he barely finished his sentence, the American cop slapped firmly across his face.

Mr Tan erupted. With just one strike, the kungfu master knocked the American cop into the air and threw him onto the ground in a distance.

The cop was badly hurt and blew the whistles to call his gang. Soon a large number of cops swooped down on the bridge from all directions and encircled the diplomat. One shouted sternly at Mr Tan, “How dare! Attacking police officer! Who are you?”

Mr Tan presented his ID. “I’m a military officer of the Chinese embassy to the United States."

“Military officer of the Chinese embassy!” The cop yelled back. “Know what, all Chink yellow pigs deserve to be beaten up!” He struck the Mr Tan hard with his club. All the cops sprang forward to join the violent assault on a bear handed foreign diplomat before they trained him on the bridge fence with a paper flower tied onto his hair.

A large crowd of local Americans gathered under the bridge watching the show with excitement. Some clapped their hands in high thrill, others laughed and cheered, while some threw stones at or spit on the injured Chinese man.

Mr Tan closed his eyes, and clenched his jaw tightly that caused the blood dropping from his lips.

Eventually the diplomat was driven to St Francisco police station with his hands cuffed for the only crime he committed that is being a Chinese and being a victim of the racist American police force.

At the station, when he once again presented his diplomatic ID, a chief cop barked at him, “All Chinese deserve a slap in the face. No exceptions! Understand?"

It was until approaching the midnight, after paid a large sum of money to the cops by a Chinese American businessman, the diplomat was finally released.

Reportedly, when Mr Tan stepped onto the bridge again, his heart was broken and bleeding. China, home to one of the most brilliant civilisations in human history, had been turned into the laughing stock of the world under Manchurians, a wicked and wretched people originally migrated to China’s northeast corner from Siberia.

It is said that at one point he cried out to the dark sky hanging thick over the land of an uncivilised United States, “China, will you ever make Chinese feel proud of you again? Will you ever be able to protect your own people?” (“中國啊, 你何時才能強盛起來? 中國人何時才能不受气?”) Having said that, he took a plunge into the turbulent stream under the bridge.

His body was found in the river the following day.

The Eight Power Allied Forces in China in 1900 - A comedy drawing published on European newspaper at the time

Bearing in mind, 1903 was just three years after the incident in which the Eight Power Allied Forces formed by the countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan occupied Beijing and burned the palace garden in the pretext of ensuring the safety of their diplomats in the embassies that were under the siege of the locals, flurried by their support of the killings of the Chinese people and the assault against Chinese civilisation executed by the Western Christian missionaries.

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