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A Mulan Tale with Difference (3)
越剧: 孟丽君
Story of A Chinese Cross Dresser

16 May 2010

An episode before the garden trip in which the young general invited Lijun to his home to find out if the Prime Minister was in fact his fiancée

An episode before the garden trip in which the young general displayed Lijun's self-portrait and claimed she was a cross-dresser

An episode after the garden trip in which the emperor sentenced Lijun to life in palace though eventually released her to marry her fiancee


The opera drama was based on a story written by a woman novelist of 18th century. The writer chose the Mongol’s Yuan dynasty as the backdrop setting for her fictional tale, which made the fable even less credible, since under the segregated Yuan society, a Han Chinese would not be allowed to be a prime minister. And it is also worth to point out, that almost all Mongol emperors were obsessed with Tibetan Lamaism, and according to the historical records, they spent most of their time lingered in the inner quarters of the palace, totally naked, along with equally naked lamas and court ladies, playing double-cultivation (元顺帝太子爱猷识理达腊说:“李先生教我儒书许多年,我不省书中何义,西番僧教我lama经,我一夕便晓.). The historians generally attribute the quick collapse of this short-lived dynasty to, among many other factors, the wicked voodoo sex they practiced, which included group sex, incest and sex with animals. A blatant sexholic is a hostage to his own beast instinct thus incapable of being romantic which though isn’t an enlightened state of mind but is, nevertheless, a delicately refined temperament.

Judging by the hopeless romanticism displayed by the emperor in the play, who was young and was reckless and was unassuming and was well-versed and was martially competent, the profile of Lijun’s boss is very close to a real historic figure - Emperor Wuzong of Ming Dynasty (明武宗), one of the most, if not THE MOST, interesting character among all Chinese monarchs.

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