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A Mulan Tale with Difference (1)
越剧: 孟丽君
Story of A Chinese Cross Dresser

16 May 2010

This time it is not a girl of the northern native but a lass of southern origin. Her name is Lijun (丽君) and her surname is Meng (孟), so she is addressed as Miss Meng Lijun.

Unlike Hua Mulan (花木兰) whose daddy was a disabled man hardly qualified to be a soldier, Meng Lijun’s father was a general. But while the daughter of the disabled man was a kung fu master, the girl of the grand general was a scholar who even failed to learn how to ride a horse properly.

One day the general ran into bad luck and lost a crucial battle. Instead of quelling a riot by tribe separatists on the south-western tip of the kingdom, he disgracefully fell from his horse and captured by the militant troublemakers, along with his entire troops. The covert collaborators of the rebellions in the court spent no time to spread rumours that the general got paid by the separatists to lose the fight. A royal decreed was thus issued to arrest the general’s family members.

So our heroine ran away from home, like Mulan did. While Mulan left with a pet bird (according to Americans), Lijun left with her girl servant (according to Chinese), and sent a self-portrait to her fiancée whom she was yet to meet in person (according to traditional Chinese custom which, of course, isn’t a too good custom, but that is another story).

Once left home, Lijun took a route different from that of Mulan to rise in rank. She didn’t excel herself in the battlefield, but distinguished herself in the imperial examination chambers. In fact, she did so well, that she was shortlisted as top three PhD candidates to be interviewed by the emperor, and the emperor was so impressed with her maiden speech in the court outlining her broad political, social, economic, cultural and military strategies that he awarded her the title of Mr Scholar of the Year (状元公), the highest academic prize in ancient China that only awarded once in every four years, and assigned her to ministerial post.

Lijun was a very good public parent (父母官) who worked hard and achieved a lot while took no bribes and found herself no mistresses; soon she was recommended by the aging prime minister to take over his office.

Lijun proved herself being an outstanding prime minister. During the three years of her administration, the productivity of the kingdom was up, the cost of living was down, the farmland was protected, the agriculture (all organic) was supported, the new cities were built with Chinese characteristics and in accordance with fengshui principles, the craft enterprises in textile, paper, furniture, porcelain, bronze article and bamboo wear (all designed by Chinese) were encouraged, trading and banking sectors were under close scrutiny of the governmental surveillance bodies, Tartars' demand to purchase their stringed shells with China's gold, silver and precious stones was rejected, the gap between the rich and the poor was narrowed, the ethic lessons were taught at private teaching houses (私塾) and government-run free schools (公学), the right individuals who appreciate the core values of the Chinese civilisation were promoted to take in charge of culture, arts and publication affairs, the corrupted officials were disciplined, the collaborators were disposed, the ethnic discrimination against the main body of the Chinese, the Han people, were strictly prohibited, and the advocators pushing for imposing less-child policy on the Han Chinese only were prosecuted for attempting to execute genocide of Chinese nation. And most importantly, she appointed a new general, her fiancée; the new general rescued the old general, her daddy, and successfully wiped out the separatists movements which include Free Teabag, East Turkeysburge, Independent Tablewear and New Manchoosewok.

The young general returned to report the emperor triumphantly, and a delighted emperor offered to be a matchmaker under the earnest request of a top policy advancer, who was the representative of the special interest group – the privileged and get-rich-quick family of empress – and a Tartar's secret agent.

The young general rejected the proposal and declared he would only marry Meng Lijun. After a hard and lengthy negotiation, a compromise was reached: the general would have to marry the adviser’s daughter if he could not locate Meng Lijun in 100 days.

As he began to work side by side with the PM, the young general started to suspect his boss was in fact his fiancée, and therefore kept dropping hints urging her to reveal her true nature. But Lijun kept playing innocence. She probably never heard the story of Joan of Arc, but she certainly knew she would be severely punished for cross dressing. And she understood she had to wait for a right moment.

100 days quickly passed. As the young general was ordered by the emperor to fulfil his promise and marry the adviser’s daughter, he was forced to announce that Lijun was among the high officials in the court and he presented her self-portrait to support his claim.

It didn’t take long for everyone to discover the great similarities between the prime minister and the portrait.

How excited the people in the art collection world should have felt had they heard the story of Meng Lijun! Apparently, China is not only home to the freehand and multi-perspective painting styles that contributed greatly to the post-modern expression movement in the West, but a cradle for photorealistic genre long before camera was invented. Pity this portrait has yet to be located.

Back to the court, some angry officials promptly tabled a bill demanding to put anyone who was found to have cross-dressed to death. But the emperor was determined to save his PM, so ruled that he found everybody in presence was properly dressed.

Later that day, Lijun was recalled to the palace by the emperor’s messenger. When she arrived, she was showed the gate to the inner royal garden

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友情提示: 别忘了明年何年!

1983年 某某某(满族, 正红旗)被任命为文化部副部长。

1985年 《荒唐王爷》推出, 美化扬州十日刽子手多铎。

1992年 境外“四方会谈”(所谓满洲、东突厥斯坦、西藏、蒙古)举行,提出建立“亚洲民族共同体”。

1995年 自称是日本侵华天皇干儿子的特级战犯溥仪的骨灰被从八宝山迁葬于“华龙皇家陵园”,是为在中国大地上建立靖国神社分社之始。

1997年 《雍正王朝》推出。将屠汉暴君雍正彻底美化。

2000年 《康熙王朝》推出,第一次公开诽谤汉人反抗满清入侵中原、种族屠杀、剃发易服的斗争。

2001年7月 某某(据报其祖父为伪满宪兵)任辽宁省委宣传部部长。

2001年10月 某某任辽宁省委常委、省委宣传部部长。

2002年 满遗在沈阳上伪满战犯溥仪谥号曰“愍皇帝”,庙号“恭宗”,尊骨灰奉安处为“献陵”。

2003年 洪承畴学术研讨会召开,定位史上著名汉奸之一的洪承畴是开清重臣、杰出人物,统一贡献巨大;为其建纪念馆,定为全国爱国主义教育基地。

2004年 某某主持策划沈阳紫气东来满清文化节盛典,庆祝清兵入关屠杀数千万汉人三百六十年。

2004年 侮辱汉民族宣扬法西斯的的图书狼图腾通过文化部审核,正式出版。

2004年 弃明投清的汉奸-尚可喜的纪念馆建立。

2005年 某某主持策划在沈阳为满清十二帝立纪念铜像,其中包括勾结日寇侵华的溥仪。

2006年 美化汉奸施琅的电视剧播出。

2006年 七品李剃头电视剧开拍,将几千万种族屠杀、迫害和歧视美化为轻喜剧。

2008年10月 某某任中宣部副部长。

2009年5月 某某任百家讲坛坛长(满族)的台长.

2009年8月11日 热比丫在澳大利丫首都记者俱乐部发表分裂中国演讲,并专程会见从巴布亚新几内亚赶来的“满洲国临时政府”的内阁大臣爱新觉罗·川岛志明。川贼代表“满洲国临时政府”、“藏青会”前主席格桑贼代表藏独组织向热比丫致意。热比丫表示要与达赖、次旺、川岛等精诚合作,为配合中情局分裂肢解中国之大国策而努力。

2010年 猿xx被邀上百家讲坛讲解中国历史, 其讲课视频流传网上。



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