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America's Biggest Export to China: Rubbish (1)

9 May 2010

Almost everyone knows that China is a big export country, but few realise that China is also a big import nation, and the rate of its import, especially from the United States, is growing rapidly in recent years.

While the items that China exports are mainly well-made, and sometime not so well-made, industry products, the items China imports are primarily “raw materials”. But the "raw" materials are not all "raw", and a great proportion of which are discarded industrial waste, the so-called “recycling garbage”, chiefly comes from the United States, the No. 1 resource consuming and garbage producing nation on the planet.

According to the figures released by Chinese customs, between 2004 and 2008, America’s overall import to China has doubled, while its garbage import increased 6 fold, making it America's biggest import category to China.

It could be argued that Chinese are at fault for allowing their already polluted and crowded land to be turned into America’s dumping ground. But since American government and media make a lot of noise about China's environmental consequences, should they at least stop dumping rubbish on Chinese soil? And when we, from time to time, hear news about how Chinese customs seize yet another load of non-recyclable garbage cargo illegally exported from the United States, should Americans be condemned for recklessly putting China's environment and Chinese lives at risk and thus demanded them to pay for cleaning up the mess they created?

In a recently interview with Australian media, American President Obama said that "if over a billion Chinese citizens have the same living patterns as Australians and Americans do right now then all of us are in for a very miserable time, the planet just can’t sustain it.”


There is no problem with China becoming America's rubbish dumping ground, not at all. But if Chinese want to copycat Americans' living pattern by consuming as much resources and producing as much garbage as Americans do, they've “got to make a decision about a new model that is more sustainable that allows them to pursue the economic growth that they’re pursuing while at the same time dealing with these environmental consequences”.

In other words, unless China can keep taking in Americans garbage and keep letting Americans to take over their portion of resource share, China must be stopped from further developing their economy. “The point we’ve tried to make is we can’t, we can’t allow China to wait,” Obama stressed his resolve repeatedly to make sure Chinese do "understand intellectually".

Well, we also have a point to make then. And the point we’ve tried to make here is that despite his dark skin, Obama apparently possesses a heart of White Supremacy who believes that the West has the privilege to enjoy more and contribute less than everyone else, such as Chinese.

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