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Truth behind the Nuke Summit

17 April 2010

There are a lot of talks lately on China’s cyber space regarding the nuclear summit, and the following are some opinions shared by many Chinese Netizens:

With regard to security issues caused by Iran’s possible development of the nuclear weapons, the world has been fooled by the Americans.

To start with, even a small nation such as Iran does have developed nukes at some point in the future, it will impose no real threat to the territory of the United States, since only a handful of big powers in the world possess intercontinental ballistic missiles, and have the knowledge to build cruise or multi-warhead missiles. The greatest harm that a nuke-armed Iran might be able to inflict is to the neighbouring states. It is very unlikely that Iran would become so senseless as to destroy its Arab brothers, and since Israel has obtained highly advanced nuclear weapons and other weapons of mess destruction, unless Iran wants to commit suicide, it has no reason to nuke the Jewish state.

Then why the U.S. seems to be so alarmed over Iran’s nuclear potential?

It is because, as many Chinese have believed, that Americans are worried sick about the possibility that Iran may harm itself. Don’t get it wrong by thinking the United States has a genuine concern for the welfare of the people in other countries. Not a chance! It never happened before, and will not happen in future, unless it changes its system and culture.

Then why the Washington should care so much about Iranian nuclear capability? There is only one reason for that, as some Chinese concluded: It worries that Iran could become inhabitable to invasion forces after a nuke war.

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