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China Exhibition
In the World Expo. 2010

24 April 2010

China Hall in Sunlight Valley

The whole structure of the China Exhibition Hall is in a form of a giant wooden bracket (斗拱) in a typical Chinese style, which has been viewed as a unique signature of the traditional Chinese architecture created by ancient Chinese and later adopted by its neighbouring states including Vietnam, Japan, and North and South Koreas.

An interior scene in China Exhibition Hall that demonstrates an electronic version of masterpiece Tomb Sweeping Festival Scroll (《清明上河图》,) with the human characters and other mobile elements in the painting animating.

A Bronze Man produced during the Ming Dynasty (明代针灸铜人, 1368 - 1644) for acupuncture training and examination will also be among the priceless treasures in display.

As well as this bronze drum (饕餮纹铜鼓) created during the Shang Dynasty (商朝) about 4,000 years ago.

Shaanxi is home to the ancient Chang'an, the capital city of Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). Its splendid exhibition hall on the world expo. 2010 is going to display two pairs of imposters of Emperor Tang Minghuang (唐明皇) and his favourite Imperial Consort Yang (杨贵妃). But among the four, only two are genuine humans, while another pair are the double imporsters2, which means they are a non-organic couple. Can you tell in the photo which two are robots?

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