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Two Tibetan CCP Secretaries

20 April 2010

Qiangwei is an ethnic Tibetan and the CCP chief of Qinghai, the province where most native residents are Hans and Hui Muslins. In the days following the powerful earthquake that hit the Tibetan community hard, Qiangwei kept traveling from one village to another to administrate the rescue and relief operations.

One morning he arrived in Zhaxidatong Village, a small Tibetan settlement that was badly damaged in the quake, but could not locate the village chief Caiwa. It was only when passing a relief post along a main road, the provincial Party Secretary found the village Party Secretary busying himself with distributing relief items to the surviving villagers.

“How is your own family? Is everyone all right?” the Provincial CCP chief inquired the village CCP chief.

“No,” a villager replied, “he lost three family members … but he hasn’t got time to go home yet - he’s spent all his time helping us …”

Caiwa was not alone; none of the Party members from this village were really slept during the first three days after catastrophe.

With these wonderful Chinese Communist Party members in the Tibetan community working selflessly for their people, a quick recovery of Yushu to its former beauty and vibrance shall not be an inflated expectation.


"We’ll have our new school, we’ll have our new home," this was promised by the CCP General Secretary of the country when he visited an orphanage that has been devastated in the earthquake.

The following are some comments left on by the readers of the report and the English translation:


As long as we stick together, we need to be afraid of nothing!



When the PLA soldiers with us, we are assured.

有子弟兵在, 受灾同胞安心. 全国人民放心.


The PLA, bravo! Brother Hu (Jintao), good on you!



Enough of this butter up! The real communists shall not just share the moment with people in disaster, but share the wealth with everyone!



Butter up? You should back off. Go to Yushu to do something useful, hie!


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The PLA doctors carried a Tibetan lama injured in the deadly earthquake onto a helicopter for hospital treatment.

It was unprecedented for Yushu airport to conduct night flight, but in order to save the wounded quake victims and provide life-saving food and care to the survivors, the PLA soldiers have bravely opened this aerial lifeline.

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