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News from Shanghai

14 April 2010

1, Shanghai government has reportedly announced that it will not impose property tax on the first home buyers, which means the non first time property investors will be required to pay on the value of the property being taxed. Chinese authority expects that measures like this would help bringing down China’s sky-rock housing price which is the main cause of creating bubbles in China’s economy.

However, the new tax will certainly upset the people with multiple properties and those professional property investors.

2, Shanghai authority has reportedly declared that it will introduce an effective measure to ensure the food safety in the world expo. by using a newly developed high-tech device to detect contamination sources that include genetically modified food and other toxic and harmful ingredients.

However, not everyone is impressed with the new measure. And the following are some online comments posted on


It’s outrageous! Shanghai authority dares to mention GM food in the same breath as the toxic and harmful elements! Haven’t some Chinese GM scientists and their associated American companies and organizations repeatedly told you guys that they are 100 percent safe to consume? How could you disappoint your honoured American guests by refusing to serve them with GM food? They promote it so eagerly, they must love it!

惊闻《上海世博会严格检测食品中转基因成份和有毒有害物质 》,这肯定是政治上的不正确。并且,根据有关领导的讲话,这在科学上也是不正确的,将转基因食品与有毒有害物质并列,这是对张启发等专家们的极度蔑视,违背了此前“有关部门”、“有关领导”的“有关决定”,这必然会导致“有关项目”陷入“某种被动”之中。希望“有关部门”的“相关人士”,立刻悬崖勒马,纠正“有关错误”,马上取消对食品中转基因成分的检查,并组织“有关单位”,准备好“相关资料”,在世博会上大力宣传中国转基因食品,并带头试吃,以实际行动纠正这项错误的决定,消除负面影响。特别是要让从美国过来的朋友品尝转基因食品,而且要特别注明这点,我相信美国人那么卖力的推广,绝对是有备无患的


I agree that we must promote GM food to our dear foreign friends as a way to share the great advantage that science has brought to us.



That's right. It is Chinese tradition to offer the best that one has to his guests. It would be rude if we only keep the GM food for ourselves.



To keep good things like GM food for its people only is not how a responsible country should behave.



Especially to the honoured guests form the other side of the Pacific Ocean, we must offer them our best food – genetically modified food.

好主意!中国人民是热情好客的,应该把好东西拿出来招待客人嘛,尤其是大洋彼岸的那更是最尊贵的客人,所以一定要把我们最好的食物 -- 转基因粮食拿出来招待.


Hi, those fanatic GM food promoters, now it’s time for you to shine!


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Living terracotta warriors from Shanxi, home to the Qin terracotta warriors born 2,500 years ago, landed in Shanghai a couple of days ago and make a massive presence in front of Shanghai landmark – the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

People from Taiwan province hold a banner in front of the hotel where Chinese President Hu Jintao resides during his stay in the United States for the Nuclear Summit.

The message on the banner reads: “President Hu, Taiwan Chinese welcome you!”

One of the messengers is Mr I-Ta Liang, (梁義大) the former president of Taiwan Benevolent Association of America.

(Source of photo: 齐彬 - 中新社)

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