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China's Property Developers

28 April 2010

Wanke (万科), one of China's property development companies in the World Expo.

(Source of Photos: 蜻蜓点水点到为止 -

China's property developers, such as Huayuan Property Co. (华远地产), a joint venture with foreign investment including Japan and South Korea, have contributed greatly to China's distorted economic and social reality through ruthless exploitation of the loopholes in China's system that has been, to a certain degree, reshaped in the recent decades under the enormous pressure of the West and their local collaborators.

Huayuan's chief openly and repeatedly proclaimed that his company only builds houses for the rich people, and that the low and the middle income earners do not deserve to own their own home. It's not really surprising that a Chinese property developer would think, speak and act in such manner; what is indeed amazing is that this guy has been consistently promoted as a model Chinese Communist Party Member ("我年年都被评为优秀共产党员").

Since the CCP is the ruling force in China, should the Party keep promoting someone like this property developer? What the middle and the low income earners who comprise the majority of the Chinese people have done to deserve this?

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Some of the peasant workers, China's low income earners, cannot afford to live in a proper house/flat due to the inflated housing/rental prices bubbled up by the developers and their associated scholars and corrupted officials, so they can only call a container home.

A little girl in Fuzhou shares this container residence with her family.

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