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GM Rice in China and GM Corn in America

17 April 2010

The U.S. grows GM corn for fuel, animal feeds and export, but successfully persuaded Chinese to pave the way for replacing the organic rice, the staple food in China, with the GM rice with the core technique for the production of artificial seeds controlled by American bio companies, including the notorious Monsanto.

Amid mounting public uproar, one of the main Chinese collaborators surnamed Huang declared firmly that MG rice will have to be free to grow in China in three years, seemingly the husband of a Monsanto employee is more resolute than Nazi in working towards eliminating a certain human race on earth, in this case, through rice.

And the second collaborator surnamed Zhang illegally released the seeds to some farmers which resulted the GM rice to be produced and sold at supermarket in Hubei Province (湖北省) - if it is proven that Zhang indeed did so intentionally then this dr killer with a close business liaison to Monsanto must be brought to trial for a crime more horrendous than producing baby formula with deadly chemical melamine.

And the third Chinese collaborator self-addressed as Ark (what a self-illusionist!) misled Chinese people by claiming that Americans have unknowingly consumed GM corns for over ten years so Chinese have no reason not to follow suit. The U.S. organisations and companies implicated in his claim may should take legal actions against this guy in order to clear their names.

The following diagram published by American authority shows how the GM corn is used in the United States:

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