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Firework Rehearsals for the Shanghai World Expo

28 April 2010

Splendid fireworks exploded last night (April 27, 2010) in the skies over the Huangpu River and the World Expo venues located on the both sides of the waterway, the mother river of Shanghai that divides the metropolis into two parts: the well-developed area on the west bank and the newly-developing region in the east shore.

(Source of photos: 东方IC )

The exhibition hall of Shaanxi Province in Shanghai World Expo. This Tang Dynasty-style palace building exemplifies the extensive use of the traditional wood bracket supports in the Chinese roof structure.

(Source of Photos: 蜻蜓点水点到为止 -

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The shape of the overall structure of the centrepiece of the China exhibition centre, China Pavilion, both attributes to China's most symbolic architectural element and the Chinese character that stands for China.

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