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Bubble Trouble

11 April 2010

The following are two recent incidents in China’s current property development illustrated in online posts:

Incident 1

nan (

I share an accommodation with many others in Beijing for three years and did not return home for Chinese new year, so I decided to visit home during this tomb sweeping holiday. After more than ten hours of journey by coach, I eventually arrived home at Linhai Wujiadian in Zhejiang Province. Having paid my respect to my grandpa’s grave, I felt that I would like to take a walk in the village which is quite big with over 500 households, and it was at that time my mum issued a stern warning to me, “Listen son, be very careful, don’t get yourself caught.”

“But, by whom, for what?” I was rather baffled.

“Those in blue uniform, for the land you know,” said Mom.

So I learned the village chief has recently sold the entire village property and farmlands to a developer without consent of many villagers. Now the bulldozers have arrived to demolish the houses by force. Those who intend to defend their properties have either been violently beaten or illegally detained.

Hearing this, I was speechless, and my heart was bleeding for my fellow villagers. Here are some shots I took in the scene:

Men in uniforms hired by the property developer and the village chief hit the elderly villagers who refuse to leave their homes.

This granny's hand was cut by a man in uniform armed with a knife.

This village woman was knocked over and partially buried under rubble by a bulldozer when demolishing her house.

Incident 2

109 Lane, Taishan Road, Liuhe District, Nanjing (扬子晚报):



There are 72 households sharing a block of land in 109 Lane. The residents purchased the land 14 years ago at a total price of 2 million yuans and built 72 courtyard-style houses with the DA fully satisfying the stringent requirements set out in the DCP of 1996.

But few days ago, some strangers knocked open the doors to measure the size of the each property. Only by then the residents learned that the district authority has decided to demolish their houses and re-sell the land to developers.

"The area is now under a new DCP created in 2002, and according to the new DCP your area needs a new development," the rightful owners of the land were told when inquired.

Again, it makes one speechless. Trouble from the bubble ... where is the end of the tunnel?

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The grand mansions for China's privileged few, most of them being property developers or their associates.





嘻嘻 ...

Today is a wonderful date
The precious time we must not waste
Tomorrow will be a wonderful date
No war no bubble and no bubble burst

Today is a wonderful date
All our dreams are realised
Tomorrow will be a wonderful date
All farmlands will be put under development

Today and tomorrow are all wonderful dates
No war no bubble but GM rice and nuts
In abundance
Super delicious
Heheee ...

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